PBC Is Growing

The Portland Bible College team is expanding as well as changing. In the past few months we have welcomed several new staff members and reluctantly said goodbye to a few who have moved into other roles.

New To Our Team

Jeff Jaquith – VP of Institutional Advancement

Jeff Jaquith is an Oregon native but grew up in Mexico as a missionary kid. He returned to the US in 1995 to attend Portland Bible College, where he completed a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. After graduating, he married Coiya, whom he had met at PBC and who finished her own Bachelor’s degree the following year.

Jeff and Coiya felt God was leading them to the mission field, so Jeff went on to get his M.A. in Intercultural Studies from Western Seminary. In 2006 they and their young children moved to Laos as Mannahouse missionaries.

They spent the next 16 years ministering in Laos. For the last ten years, Jeff was the National Director of an organization in Laos dedicated to sharing the gospel, training ministry leaders, providing vocational skills for young adults, and working with children and young women who had been abused or trafficked.

In 2022 they returned to Portland. Jeff is now serving as Vice President of Institutional Advancement on the PBC lead team. He is passionate about developing leaders and programs with a worldwide outreach. Two of his children attend PBC and his youngest attends high school at Mannahouse Christian Academy.

Jeff loves hiking, backpacking, nature photography, and drinking too much coffee.

“PBC was transformational for Coiya and me in more ways than I can count. The teaching was life-changing: it not only helped us understand and articulate our faith but it challenged us to be changed by what we studied. And the emphasis on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in worship, prayer, and community helped us develop a relationship with God that sustained us as we ministered for 16 years in a third-world, Communist country. God used our experience at PBC to set a foundation for life and ministry that has benefited us – and our family, and the people in Laos whom we served – every single day since.”

– Jeff Jaquith

Jeff Borota – Marketing Manager

Jeff was born in Chicago, IL, and raised in Portland, OR. having served in many ministries within the Mannahouse Church since 2001. In 2013 married his wife Jessica Borota. They have two girls who are their world and all serve on the Rocky Butte Campus at Mannahouse Church. Jeff came to PBC in the fall of 2004 and graduated with his Bachelor’s in Theology in General Studies. He now works on staff at PBC as the Marketing Manager. His hunger for pastoral ministry and love for all things tech drives his creativity to best serve the PBC team.

Portland Bible College shaped me. It was more impacting then I realized. I came with a plan and God decided it was time to go to work internally. Learning to interpret the Bible, study and build sermons and teachings was great. But the biggest impact, when you allow it, was the heart surgery that happens at PBC.

Jeff Borota

Darren Raynald – Adaptive Education Coordinator

Darren joined our staff in early 2022 while working overseas from Indonesia. In 2015, with a passion for music and theology, he decided to come to Portland Bible College to be equipped for ministry. PBC has been one of the life-changing and foundational experiences in his life. Besides academic and music skills, he also got the opportunity to grow in his leadership as he served in the Student Leadership Team as a dorm leader. Darren produced a single, “Your Will”, as his senior project and graduated with a Bachelor of Church Music in 2019. After graduating, Darren continued his journey in PBC as one of the Music Department Faculties and Theology Online Course Facilitators. In 2020 he moved back home to Indonesia where he married Jenny, his wife.

Although he was in another part of the world, he continued his role as PBC Online Facilitator. After two years in Indonesia, God directed him to move back to Portland and work full-time at Portland Bible College. He is currently the Adaptive Education Coordinator, developing curriculum for non-traditional courses. He is also serving in Mannahouse Rocky Butte Worship Team.

PBC was a strategic training ground that impacted the foundation of my life. In this place I fell in love with the Word of God, encounted Holy Spirit, developed ministry skills, and found family away from home. The impact that PBC has produced is still evident in my spiritual and ministry life years after I graduated.

Darren Raynald

George Burlo – Professor, Online Program Coordinator

George Burlo was born and raised in Boise, ID after his family immigrated over from Ukrainian as refugees. Serving in his local church and being a part of his youth ministry throughout high school, he joined the Portland Bible College affiliate program in 2011. George then went on and did a year at Boise State University in 2013 to earn a degree in teaching but knew God was sending him in a different direction. George joined PBC as an on-campus full-time student in 2017, while here George accomplished getting his bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and married fellow classmate Faith. In 2021 George joined our faculty & staff as a part-time teacher teaching, philosophy, the History of Western Civilization, and English Composition. He has recently accepted a full-time position as our Online Program Coordinator in helping online students find their path through PBC and will continue to teach.

George has a passion for teaching, history, and philosophy. George and Faith have a heart for Indonesia and hope to one day relocate to Jakarta to teach and preach the gospel.

PBC is a refining furnace for the call of God on my life. The more time I spend with my coworkers, mentors, and pastors, the more God pulls the worthless things out of my life and purifies me to what He wants for me.

George Burlo

Enelsi Castro – Online Spanish Coordinator

Enelsi Castro is the newest member of the team and is one of our amazing current international students from Monterrey, Mexico, and a future graduate of Portland Bible College. By the end of his last spring semester, he received a call from a friend telling him about a newly opened position on the PBC online team. This position included building curriculums and being involved with the Spanish churches and students.  Enelsi had been praying for new opportunities as he is getting nearer to graduating. Once the position opened for an Online Spanish Coordinator he was excited to apply. Within a few weeks, he got a call and joined the Portland Bible College team. He now develops curriculum for the Hispanic community around the world who are a part of our Spanish online program. He is helping build internships and courses that will allow individual students and equip future leaders to build strong churches.

Mariah Corbin – Admission Coordinator

Mariah’s journey with PBC began when she arrived as a student in 2018. She has been a part of Mannahouse since 2013 and felt that attending PBC was a natural next step when she graduated high school. She served on the Student Leadership Team and worked in the PBC office as an Administrative Assistant during her Sophomore year. In 2020, Mariah was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer but decided to continue her classes in the online program. With the encouragement from friends and family and the support of the PBC community, she graduated with her Bachelor of Theology in 2021 and her cancer diagnosis is “stable and improved.” In early 2022, Mariah began a Graduate Program at Regent University. She plans to graduate with her Master’s in Organizational Leadership in the Spring of 2023.

Mariah recently re-entered the PBC community, accepting a position as the Admissions Coordinator. She enjoys working with students as they too, step into the transformative community at PBC.

Changing Roles

Elisa Lont – Music Department Administrator

Previously: Admissions Coordinator & Assistant to the Registrar

Elisa Lont (Kaylor) was born and raised in Portland, OR and at the age of 9 moved to Osaka, Japan with her family spending 10 years as a missionary kid. In 2017 she moved back to the US to attend PBC and during her time she served on the Student Leadership Team. She was a faithful dorm leader for 3 of those years, an amazing chapel coordinator, and graduated with her Bachelor’s in Church Music in 2021. Elisa was part of the team and helped co-produce PBC’s latest album “Hallelujah Above it All”. After graduating from PBC, she went on to marry Daniel Lont, and they both currently volunteer as Worship Pastors for Mannahouse Spanish Service at the Mill Plain Campus. She is now our full-time Admissions Coordinator & Assistant to the Registrar. Elisa loves music, food, matcha, hosting friends, and traveling.

Recently, Elisa has taken on a new role at Portland Bible College. She moved into the music department as the Music Department Administrator. She does this while teaching two classes, coordinating music department-related events (recitals, chapel teams), academically advising music students, and taking care of any administrative tasks for the music program.

PBC has been a part of my life one way or another ever since I was born. It was always a dream of mine to be involved with PBC somehow, and being at PBC as a student was a life changing experience. What I learned in the classroom was amazing, but I would say what I learned and experienced outside of the classroom was the most impactful; whether that be community, prayer, chapels, or music etc. PBC set a foundation for my life and ministry that I will be forever grateful for.

Elisa Lont

Angie Prosser – Campus Pastor, Music Program Director

Previously: Campus Pastor

Angie (Malmin) Prosser was born and raised at Mannahouse in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from PBC with a Bachelor’s in Theology in 1999, and served on the PBC staff as the International Student Advisor from 1999 until 2004. She married Jason Prosser in 2000, and in 2004, they were sent by Mannahouse as missionaries to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

While in Cambodia, Jason and Angie served as missionary staff at New Life Fellowship. Angie counseled and cared for women and young couples. She also served as the worship pastor for 9 years and led LIFE Band in producing 5 live worship albums.

At the beginning of 2021, God called Jason, Angie, and their three children to return to Portland, Oregon, and serve as campus pastors at PBC.

Recently Angie’s role changed by adding on additional responsibilities. Upon being a campus pastor she is also now the Music Program Director at PBC and works alongside Mannahouse, the music students, and helps to plan worship with our chapel teams.

Jeneisha Hastings – Affiliate Coordinator

Jeneisha came to PBC in 2014 to pursue a Bachelor of Church Music. During her junior year, she joined the PBC Online team in a part-time capacity, and after she graduated in 2018, she went full-time as a Curriculum Developer in the Online Program. A year later she also became the Affiliate Coordinator. This spring, Jeneisha and her husband, Ezra, moved back to his hometown outside of Jerome, Arizona, where they are working to launch a business selling hand-pressed coffee and various mediums of art. While Jeneisha is becoming a small business owner and a full-time artist, she is still maintaining her role as the Affiliate Coordinator remotely.

Portland Bible College means the world to me. It was like a hospital for me that saved my life – I came in as a freshman, angry and with little to no hope for my future. Through the constant exposure to truth of God’s word, I graduated as a totally transformed person with so much hope and excitement to partner with the Lord however he’d ask me to.

Jeneisha Hastings

Natalie Carroll – Previously Marketing Coordinator, TA for Glenda Malmin

Continued Role: Teacher Assistant to Ken and Glenda Malmin

Natalie Carroll came to PBC in 2018 from Canada. She had both served and worked at her home church before deciding to move to Portland to pursue her Bachelor of Theology. After volunteering as a teaching assistant for two years, she took on a part-time position grading for Glenda Malmin before transitioning into a Marketing role at PBC her senior year.

She graduated this past May and moved back home to Cornwall, Ontario, to work at her home church, Harvest Christian Fellowship, while pursuing her Master of Divinity through Regent University online. She also continues to work remotely as a teaching assistant, grading assignments for all of Ken and Glenda Malmin’s classes.

I am so glad to still be connected to the teachers and students of Portland Bible College while pursuing my Master’s degree and serving my local church! It is an exciting season as I dive into the worlds of ministry and academics.

Natalie Carroll

Departing Team Members

Jeremy Koepke – Previously Music Program Director, Music Administrator

Jeremy graduated from Portland Bible College in 2001 with a Bachelor’s in Church Music.

He joined the PBC staff in 2006 as the Music Director. Over the next 16 years, he built the Music Program into what it has become today. In addition to leading the department, he taught 4-5 classes a semester and handled much of the administration.

Jeremy’s humility, diligence, administrative skills, and grace under pressure were legendary. His faithfulness and ability helped make the music program stronger and more effective.

While we are sad to see Jeremy and his family leave, we are excited to see what God has for them in their next adventure in Idaho.

Daniel Lont – Previously Curriculum Developer

Daniel Lont was born and raised in Tulancingo, México, and came to PBC as a student in 2017. He graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor’s in Theology with an emphasis on worship. After graduating he married Elisa Lont (Kaylor). They both currently volunteer as Worship Pastors for Mannahouse Spanish Service at the Mill Plain Campus. Daniel started work at PBC with his multi-talent skill set and is currently working as a Curriculum Developer. He loves music, food, cooking, hosting friends, and enjoys a good movie coupled with a relaxing evening.

Recently, Daniel was hired as the Mannahouse Millplain Worship Pastor.

My current work as a worship pastor is to develop a strong culture in our weekend worship teams (Spanish/English) and building from the ground up new teams for our Youth and Kids services as well.

Daniel Lont