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Youth Ministry Interns

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 Who We Are

The Generation Unleashed Internship is a program like no other. Because of its direct connection with Mannahouse, formerly City Bible Church, and Portland Bible College, you will be involved in serving and being mentored by pastors and leaders from one of the Northwest’s many dynamic churches. As a GU Intern you will gain ministry experience, vision and be developed into a servant leader equipped to reach your generation. The program is designed for you to be able to attend Portland Bible College and also be part of GUI. In addition to the exposure and experience in Mannahouse’s Generation Unleashed youth ministry, you will also receive practical internship training service in Mannahouse worship, creative arts, pastoral, missions, audio and video, admin or Children’s ministry.

 What We Do

  • CSU Campus Clubs – As an Intern, you’ll have the opportunity every week to witness to hundreds of unsaved high school students. Our interns lead weekly outreach clubs and minister to hundreds of students by weekly attending an on campus lunch, bringing an endless supply pizza, and showing love to each student they come in contact with.
  • City Christian Chapel – Our amazing church also has the honor of ministering to high school students through our Private Christian High School. Our Interns play a huge part in this weekly chapel as the main preaching and emcee team. Each Intern works together each week to bring an amazing service to our City Christian High School students.
  • Leadership Discussions – Every week interns get the opportunity to be apart of leadership discussions with some of our GU youth pastors. These interactive sessions are a powerful time of personal challenge and leadership growth.
  • GU Services – Our interns are a huge part of all things Generation Unleashed. From set up and tear down and leading pre-service prayer, to the GU worship team and to praying for kids on our alter teams, the interns have a hand in every aspect of GU.
  • Serving – As an intern you will be stretched and grown in many different ministries. From working with the GU pastors, to assisting worship teams and campus pastors; from children’s ministry assistants, to learning new skills in audio/visual departments.  By exposing you to so many areas of the church our hope is that you’ll find a new clarity for your own gifts and passions.
  • Pastoral Encounters – One of your favorite things will quickly become the weekly meetings with world renown pastors from both Mannahouse and around the area. You will have the opportunity each week to hear from and talk with pastors from every area of ministry.


“GU interns has been amazing for me! I know that God called me to the internship and he is teaching me things and growing and stretching me in new ways. It is absolutely amazing. I’ve been able to preach, which I never thought I’d be doing! Co-leading worship, discipling, shadowing pastors and it has been so insightful, God is developing new gifts in my I never thought was possible. It is stretching to me. It was a lot of time and energy to deviate to something. It’s all part of following my calling! God is keeping me in check and couldn’t be happier!” Andrea Jones

“The internship has really given me a chance to expand my walk with God. I’ve learned what it is to love by serving the church and the youth. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.” Chase Alward

“Interns stretched me in my walk with God immensely. It gave me a deeper desire for prayer and the word of God. Watching the effect it had on my life is so encouraging and has caused a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus” Princess Gherman

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$250 (or just $50 a month). GU internship is the youth ministry track at Portland Bible College. As an intern you will be registered for 2 college credits, plus an additional $250 per semester. This fee is non-refundable after the add/drop deadline.

Yes. We are a part time internship and an extension of Portland Bible College. We do not offer specialized housing.  For those living outside the Portland metro area and are interested in GU Interns, you can only apply through Portland Bible College.

Yes. We highly recommend it! GU Interns meet Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday morning. You have Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night available to work.

No. GU interns are involved in every aspect of ministry from children’s church and worship to media and publishing. Our goal is to place you in the specialized ministry of your choice to set you up for the ultimate success.


The major difference between the two years is the leadership requirements placed on you and ministry function you’ll have an opportunity to walk in.

No. We ask that all interns serve in the different campus’ of Mannahouse.  This is a hands-on internship through Mannahouse and your connection to the leaders of Mannahouse will be necessary.


8:30am-9:00am : Pre-Service Meeting with Lead Pastors
9:00am-12:30pm : Mannahouse Ministry Serving

12:30pm-2:00pm : CCHS Chapel Service
2:00pm-3:00pm : Corporate Pastoral Meeting
3:00pm-5:00pm : Ministry Training

11:10am-12:30pm – CSU Campus Clubs
1:00pm-2:00pm : Campus Meeting
2:00pm-4:00pm : Homework Time
4:00pm-10:00pm : Generation UnleashedFor more information Contact Annalise Hutley at  503-382-1905 or at Ahultey@portlandbiblecollege.org  Instrgram – @annalisehutley