Psalms: 7 Days of Prayer

The Psalms are an amazing gift to believers in the journey and growth of our worship and prayer to God.  The uplifting high peaks of praise, on down to the low valleys of lament and struggle, help us express our longings, emotions, and words.  They direct us in how to verbalize these things to God, providing a vocabulary to say things we find difficult to articulate at times.

This past semester in the Psalms class at Portland Bible College, we have focused on immersing our hearts and minds into these God-oriented songs and prayers, and discovering ways to incorporate their use & deepen our spiritual walk.  One project reflecting this this was putting together a 7-day journey of prayer using selected Psalms, based on specific themes in our experience.

These prayer guides give a daily verse or passage that guide a prayerful response and conversation with God.  Click on the titles to download the attached card.


Psalm 23 God's Protection I Am Loved Psalm 103