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Being Here Means More! Don't meet your freshmen class over Zoom!

New applicants can claim up to $500 in tuition credit already lost to application fees, tuition, housing, or meal plans paid to a COVID-cancelled school that you can’t attend in person.

At PBC, students this Fall will continue to receive a powerful Bible college education in person, like we’ve always done since 1967. Pursue God’s Story. Discover Your Future. Do it Debt Free!

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PBC has become my home away from home! My friends have become my family. I can't believe all the opportunities I've had to lead worship, teach and preach. If you're looking for a family where you can grow in your faith and prepare for your journey, you've gotta come here!

Darren Raynald, BCM '19

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The next best thing to being on-campus is being part of our global online community. We've gone to great lengths to produce the most transformative online experience on the planet!

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