Do you have a Leadership Team or Small Group that you would like to take through some systematic biblical studies, but credit is not necessary? Now you can walk them through the Basic Doctrine’s of the Christian faith or a Survey of every book in the Bible with our Group License option.  This is an extremely affordable option that scales with the size of your group.


Show your group all or some of the PBC lectures in the course. Lectures are typically 30-40 minutes in length each. Group License curriculum includes discussion topics, recommended book and suggested assignments for your group. Download and print out student notes for all your students, which include the outline of the course and the teacher’s outline and charts. See a list of available courses by clicking on the link on the right.


Prices vary based on the size of the course. Pay a base curriculum cost and then a per person price for the rights to present it to your group

Base Price = $90-$130 Per Course
Group License = $10 Per Student (more affordable options for groups larger than 30)

Includes one administrative login per course purchased (ie 2 courses = 2 teacher logins)

Schedule / Calendar

Start anytime! You do not need to wait for a semester start or end dates. No need to register students with PBC.  Access to all the material online for the period of six months from the point that you sign up.


This curriculum is offered as a not for credit option. Students are not enrolled in any PBC academic program. Please clearly communicate to your students that while they are accessing college level curriculum they are participating in an audit version that can not be converted to credit in the future.

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