Simplify teaching for your teams by utilizing PBC curriculum and offering credit in your local church program. Students can begin in your program and transfer to PBC to complete their degree either on-campus or online.


  • Course Curriculum – syllabi, classroom lectures, assignments and student notes
  • Student Information System – perpetual data management of grades and attendance, and the ability to issue transcripts.
  • Program coaching and guidance – regular interaction with PBC Staff on setting up and running a great academic or discipleship program
  • Academic Policies and Best Practices – Manuals and policies for both Administrators and Teachers


Students in Affiliate Programs can transfer their credits to PBC Online or In-Person programs to complete their Theology degree. Affiliate Programs can also dual enroll their students with PBC Online via our Online Group Program to aid in their degree completion at discounted rates. Once a student completes their Associate Degree at PBC they have three degree pathways:

  • Finish a Bachelor of Theology at PBC online or in-person
  • Transfer 100% of credits into an accredited degree pathway through our partnership with Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Complete BOTH a Theology degree and a Leadership degree within the same amount of time to complete a single degree.


  • Submit a Semester Schedule Form every semester for approval (courses, teachers and hours committed to each course)
  • Track student attendance and grades using PBC provided Student Information System
  • Approved Syllabus prior to the start of the term
  • Approved local teachers have an application on file with PBC


Costs are designed to scale with your program. So whether you have 10 students or 100 students, your partnership with PBC grows with you. Affiliate programs pay PBC directly per semester. PBC does not collect fees from students.

  • Term Fee – $195 per term
  • Tech Fee – $35 per student
  • Tuition – $45 per credit



PBC maintains a student information database with indefinite record-keeping. The PBC Affiliate Administrator assists in term setup, while local Program Directors handle student information input, course registration, and syllabi uploads.


Teachers need PBC approval on a per-course basis. They must submit the PBC Teacher Application Form with a Ministry Biography and transcripts. If a teacher doesn’t meet the qualifications for certain material in the Affiliate Program, they can take the course online with PBC while teaching the program live in the Affiliate Program.


Affiliates have flexibility in setting their program’s start and end dates within a 14-16 week period. Approval from Portland Bible College is required for an Affiliate Program operating under a 14-week term (e.g., Intensive Summer Term). The curriculum must cover the same number of hours as a longer term. The deadline to start a new program is at least one month before the anticipated program start date. This gives both PBC and the Affiliate enough time to organize and prepare any deliverables for a new program.


Associate Degrees at PBC require 64 credits to complete. PBC will accept up to 50% of credits from other colleges, but increases this to 40 credits for Church Affiliate Programs into Associate Degree Programs.

Over my life in ministry the Basic Doctrine course at Portland Bible College has shaped, molded and transformed my thinking. I cannot imagine my life or ministry without it. I owe PBC so much. I truly believe that this college has some of the best biblical professors in the world, which is why we choose to implement large portions of their curriculum into our internship and leadership teams. Let PBC transform your life and ministry, the way it has mine. I highly recommended this course and others offered by PBC.

Lead Pastor, The City Church Ventura
Ventura, California
MFI Member

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