Want to have more hands-on in the teaching of your teams but don’t want to spend hours developing teaching curriculum? Teach PBC curriculum directly to your people and offer them PBC credit! Students can start in your program and then transfer to PBC after completing your church program to finish their degree either at the Portland Campus or in the Online Program.


  • Course resources – Lectures, PowerPoints, assignments and student notes
  • Syllabi for each course which programs can adjust with their own assignments to better fit the needs of their group
  • Access to a student information system
  • Program coaching and guidance


  • Establish own admissions requirements and charge your own fees
  • Have the freedom to add your own topics and academic material to PBC course
  • Choose their own start and end dates


Students in Affiliate Programs cannot complete a Portland Bible College Degree directly with an Affiliate but can transfer their credits to PBC Online or Live to finish their degree. PBC will accept up to 60% of credits taken by students in Affiliate Programs (39 credits towards the 64 credits).


  • Track student attendance and grades during the semester in PBC’s online student information system
  • Submit a syllabus prior to the start of the term for approval
  • Have teachers approved to teach the course topics
  • Submit a course schedule form to confirm the hours committed to each course


PBC provides a student information database. PBC is committed to keeping these student records indefinitely. The PBC Affiliate Administrator will set up each term for programs, but the local Program Directors are responsible for inputting their student’s information, registering them for courses, and uploading syllabi for each course.


Every teacher must be approved by PBC on a PER COURSE basis. Teachers are asked to submit the PBC Teacher Application Form and attach documentation including a detailed Ministry Biography (classes taught, programs run, ministries served, etc.) along with transcripts from all previous education experiences (these do not need to be official). If a teacher does not qualify to teach certain material in the Affiliate Program, they will be asked to take the course online directly with PBC. This can occur concurrently with teaching the program live in the Affiliate Program.


Affiliates can determine the start and end dates that work best for their program but the term must operate over a 14-16 week period. An Affiliate Program that wants to operate under a 14 week term (i.e., Intensive Summer Term), must get approval from Portland Bible College and the same number of hours must be dedicated to the curriculum that would occur over a longer term.


  • Term Fee – $195 per term
  • Tech Fee – $35 per student
  • Tuition – $40 per credit

Over my life in ministry the Basic Doctrine course at Portland Bible College has shaped, molded and transformed my thinking. I cannot imagine my life or ministry without it. I owe PBC so much. I truly believe that this college has some of the best biblical professors in the world, which is why we choose to implement large portions of their curriculum into our internship and leadership teams. Let PBC transform your life and ministry, the way it has mine. I highly recommended this course and others offered by PBC.

Lead Pastor, The City Church Ventura
Ventura, California
MFI Member

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