Online Group Program

The Online Group Program allows for a church to register a group of student for online courses. Portland Bible College runs all the academic components, while the local church implements the mentoring and practical experience components of the student’s education.

Calendars / Deadlines

Online groups must line up with the start and end dates of the Online Program Term as well as meet the lesson and assignment due dates. Students must meet the deadlines and academic policies of the PBC Online program.


Group Leader must submit the send the Registration Form (excel sheet) with all the requested/required information over to the Director of Online Education at PBC, no later than one week prior to the start of the online term.  Any changes to course registrations must be submitted in writing.

Releasing of Grades

Due to the Student Privacy Act, the student’s academic file is handled in a confidential manner. Therefore, student progress reports and course grades can only be released to Church Program Administrators, when a student has a signed Release of Information Form on file at PBC.


Online groups receive a 15% off tuition rates for the online program. Fees are not discounted. Payment to PBC is made at one single point in the middle of the semester for all participating students. The local church Program Administrator can charge local students whatever they want, but must collect the money directly from students. Click here for current tuition rates.


The Church Program is responsible to communicate all the policies and expectations of a student’s participation in the Online Program. The Church Program Group Administrator should be sure to communicate to students on the following topics:

  • Registration Deadlines
  • Course Start and End Dates
  • Getting Course Materials (Syllabi, Assignment Matrix, Books)
  • Making Payments and Payment Due Dates

The PBC Online Team will communicate directly with students the following occasions:

  • Communication to get started in online course
  • Gaining access to online courses
  • Technical difficulties experienced when taking courses
  • Reminders for missing coursework

If PBC experiences a conflict or difficulty with a student that is part of an Online Group, PBC Staff and Faculty will do their best to communicate that through the Church Program Group Administrator.


Students enrolled in online courses at Portland Bible College are considered PBC students – they can request PBC Transcripts and utilize PBC Transfer Agreements. Request PBC Transcript here.

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