Faculty & Staff

Marc Estes


Marc and Susan serve as the Lead
pastors of Manahouse, a church that has been impacting the world for over 60 years. Marc is the Chancellor of PBC. He is the author of several books and a sought-after conference speaker passionate about equipping the church to reach people.

Dr. Simon Mould


Raised in the UK, Simon studied education, economics, and international affairs during the 1980s. He moved to the U.S. to attend PBC where he received his BTh. He then went on to complete an MA in Government and public policy from Regent University in 2004 and a Doctor of Education from Regent in 2009.

Ken Malmin


Ken joined the staff of Portland Bible College in 1971. He is the Dean of Academics and Students, and he also teaches numerous courses. Ken serves as an executive pastor and elder at Mannahouse and is on the Apostolic Leadership Team of Ministers’ Fellowship International (MFI).

Jeff Jaquith

VP of Advancement

Jeff graduated from PBC in 1999 and went on to get a Master from Western Seminary after that. He and his wife served as Mannahouse missionaries in Laos for 16 years, where they trained leaders, developed programs, and authored several books. In 2022 they returned to Portland and Jeff joined the PBC Lead Team.

Jason Prosser

Campus Pastor

Jason is an alumnus of Portland Bible College and a veteran ministry leader. He and his wife Angie served as Mannahouse missionaries in Cambodia for 16 years, training leaders and pioneering ministries at New Life Fellowship in Phnom Penh. He oversees student life at PBC, teaches, and sits on the board of Mannahosue Global Ministry.

Angie Prosser

Campus Pastor

Angie is a Portland Bible College Graduate who served with her husband Jason for 16 years as a Mannahosue missionary in Cambodia. She was the worship pastor at New Life Fellowship, leading LIFE Band in the production of 5 live albums. She oversees student life and the music program at PBC.

Rachelle Layzell


Rachelle has an extensive background both in ministry and entrepreneurship. She was part of a church plant team and has spent the past 20 starting and running a local business as well as pastoring in multiple contexts. Rachelle has a heart for students and the nations. She is a proud mother of three children and enjoys her love of photography.

Elin Chavez

Admissions Coordinator

Elin has lived on the East Coast for most of her life but came to PBC in the Fall of 2020 to pursue a BTh in Biblical Studies. She joined the PBC team between Junior and Senior years and has loved helping students become a part of the PBC Family. She currently helps students with admissions into PBC as well as assists the registrar.

Matt McCaul

Student Service Coordinator

Matt grew up in Cambodia as a missionary kid. He graduated from PBC in 2011 with a BTh. He served for several years as a missionary in Mexico before returning to the US to take on a role at PBC. He is passionate about innovation in the local church, discipleship, leadership, and missions.

Glenda Malmin


Glenda teaches several courses in theology and the humanities disciplines. She is known and loved for her practical wisdom and her willingness to pastor her students. She is a well-known speaker with a strong prophetic message. She is also an elder and leader at Mannahouse Church.

Lanny Hubbard


Lanny is a native of Portland, Oregon, and an alumnus of PBC, graduating in 1979. He later completed a Master of Arts in Exegetical Theology at Western Seminary. He has taught at PBC since 1978. He is highly respected as a theologian and professor. He also serves as an elder at Mannahouse Church.

Travis Arnold


Travis graduated from PBC in 2007. He returned in 2008 to teach full-time while completing his Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies at Western Seminary. Travis is an elder at Mannahouse and at a church plant in Central Washington. He and his wife Rachel live in Vancouver, Washington.

Betty Escalante

Head Cook

Betty, a native of El Salvador, joined the PBC family in 2006. With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, she now thrives on uniting her passion for cooking and her love of connecting with students. Betty has a shepherd’s heart and enjoys spreading the message of God through the joy of food and hospitality.

Edmund Bouschor

LCIO Executive Director

Edmund completed his Masters degree at Portland State University in 1972. Edmund and Carol founded Christian Missionary Educators and the Language & Culture Institute in Oregon (LCIO), both based in Portland. In addition to administrating the ESL Program at PBC, Edmund teaches and is a life coach and mentor.

Carol Bouschor

LCIO Director

Carol completed her Masters degree at Portland State University in 1972. Carol and Edmund founded Christian Missionary Educators and the Language & Culture Institute in Oregon (LCIO), both based in Portland. In addition to administrating the ESL Program at PBC, Carol teaches and is a life coach and mentor.

Mike Arnold

Athletic Director

Mike graduated from Truman State University with his Master. in Exercise Physiology in 1988. He completed his Ed.S degree requirements in 1994. He has been coaching basketball for 30 years and has experience at every level from elementary school to NCAA Division I and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Joy King

Student Placement Director

Joy has 15+ years of multi-faceted experience at PBC. She first came on staff in 2000, assisting the Evangelism Department and Pastoral Staff with special events, before leaving for a few years to help with a church plant. Now back at PBC, she helps students with internships and practicum.

Darren Raynald

Adaptive Education Coordinator

Darren graduated from PBC with a BCM in 2019. Shortly afterward he moved back home to Indonesia where he married his wife Jenny, who was also a PBC graduate. He joined the PBC staff in early 2022 as the Adaptive Education Coordinator developing curriculum for non-traditional courses credit and non-credit courses.

Elisa Lont

Music Department Admin

Born in Oregon, Elisa as a child moved with her family to Osaka, Japan as a missionary. She returned to Portland to attend PBC, graduating with a BCM in 2021. In addition to her administrative role, she also teaches multiple classes, coordinates the department recitals, and academically advises music students.

Jeneisha Hastings

Affiliate Coordinator

Jeneisha came to PBC in 2014 to pursue a BCM degree. During her junior year, she joined the PBC Online team in a part-time capacity, and after she graduated in 2018, she went full-time as a Curriculum Developer in the Online Program. A year later she also became the Affiliate Coordinator.

George Burlo

Online Program Coordinator

George was part of a PBC Affiliate program in Idaho in 2011. He then enrolled in PBC full-time, graduating in 2021 with a BTh degree. George joined the faculty as a part-time professor, teaching Philosophy, History of Western Civilization, and English Comp. In 2022 he moved into a full-time role, teaching and coordinating the online program.

Mariah Corbin

Recruitment Director

Mariah enrolled in PBC in 2018. She was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer in 2020 but continued her classes in the online program, receiving her BTh degree in 2021. In 2022, Mariah enrolled in the graduate program at Regent University and plans to graduate in 2023. She enjoys helping new students find their place at PBC.

Jeff Borota

Marketing Coordinator

Jeff graduated from PBC with a BTh degree in 2009. Having served in multiple ministries within Mannahouse since 2001, Jeff brings pastoral care and ministry to the PBC team. He has a passion for people, technology, and all things creative. As Marketing Coordinator, he helps promote and represent PBC both internally and externally.

Carlos Campa

Spanish Program Coordinator

Born in Tijuana Mexico, Carlos moved to the U.S. to study architecture before coming to PBC. He graduated with a BTh degree in 2014 and joined the PBC staff in 2015. He recently planted a church alongside his wife Amanda in San Diego. He manages PBC’s Spanish Program remotely and helps resource Mannahouse Spanish services.

Adjunct Professors

Rachel Arnold

Adjunct Professor

Rachel studied Physiotherapy at Auckland University of Technology and then worked at Auckland City Hospital in New Zealand. She attended PBC from 2009-2010 and began working in the PBC office as a student. She is passionate about seeing people grow in their knowledge of God relationship with Him.

Kim-Maree Janzen

Adjunct Professor

Kim-Maree came to Portland Bible College 2006 from Sydney, Australia. She graduated with a BTh in Theology with Worship Emphasis in 2009. As a student, she was a dorm leader and member of the student leadership team. She is currently involved in the Worship and Creative Arts department of Mannahouse as the Worship Specialist.

Brian Lawerence

Adjunct Professor

Brian graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Computer Science. He is currently the manager of the Audio Department for Mannahouse. Brian has been working in the areas of live sound and recording for more than twelve years and has a passion for training others. Brian teaches Recording and Sound classes at PBC.

Carlos Marin

Adjunct Professor

Carlos joined PBC in 2005 as VP of advancement. But has since moved on. He currently teaches and is one of our standing board members. He brings a B.A. in Organizational Leadership from Biola University and an MBA from George Fox University. He brings a blend of education, ministry, and management experience to Portland Bible College.

Joanne Hubbard

Adjunct Professor

Joanne began teaching at PBC in the 1980s as an admin to CLTI, professor, and mentor to students. She helped develop the Affiliate Program, facilitated several online courses, and taught a class on teaching. Because of her BA degree in education and her long experience in teaching, Joanne brings a unique perspective to the school.

Brian Holmes

Adjunct Professor

Pastor Brian graduated from PBC in 2015 with a BTh in theology. He and his wife Mackenzie pastor the Mannahouse Youth Department. Brian brings his experience in Youth Ministry and speaking to teach Intro to Preach as well as Youth Ministry 1 & 2 in the past

Annalise Hutley

Adjunct Professor

Annalise graduated from PBC with a BTh in Theology in 2012. She serves in Mannahouse as the Mill Plain Young Adults Pastor along with her husband, Dustin. Annalise was formerly the Admissions Advisor and Recruiter at PBC. She now works in the real estate industry. She teaches Purpose and Calling at PBC .

Mark Jones

Adjunct Professor

Dr. Mark Jones is an elder at Mannahouse and oversees the Prayer Ministries of the church. He is retired but volunteers extensively at Mannahouse. His remarkable enthusiasm and excitement for prayer is both contagious and faith-building. He currently teaches Ministry of Prayer in the Spring semester.

Melissa O’Neal

Adjunct Professor

Melissa O’Neal loves teaching the Evangelism class and helping others feel bold and confident in sharing their faith. She has her associates at PBC, and Masters in Education from Concordia University. She currently teach part time at an elementary public school and part time for PBC. Melissa and her husband Greg enjoy leading young adults on the Rocky Butte campus.

Walter Madison

Adjunct Professor

Walter Madison has been a part of Mannahouse since 1985. Walter spent 15 years in business, both in management and owning his own business, while also serving pastorally with his wife Robyn at Mannahouse. Walter has been on staff at Mannahouse since 2000 and currently serves as Global Care Pastor at the Rocky Butte campus.

Mark Daniels

Adjunct Professor

Mark and Maureen Daniels live in Camas, Washington with their four children. Mark has been on staff at Mannahouse for ten years and currently serves as the Campus Pastor at the Mill Plain Campus. He holds a degree in Psychology from George Fox University. He currently teaches Introduction to Counseling in the fall semester at PBC.

Jessica Botros

Adjunct Professor

Jessica has been a voice instructor at Portland Bible College since 2012. She graduated from Portland State University in 2013 with a major in Music Education and a minor in Piano and Vocal performance. She is classically trained in vocals and piano, and has had her license to teach piano since high school.

Daniel Lont

Adjunct Professor

Daniel Lont graduated PBC in 2021 with a Bth. He married alumni Elisa Lont. They both currently volunteer at Mannahouse Mill Plain Campus. Daniel started work at PBC with his multi-talent skill set as a Curriculum Developer. Recently, Daniel was hired as the Mannahouse Millplain Worship Pastor. He currently teaches Sound Reinforcement 1 & 2 at PBC.

Seth Sokoloff

Adjunct Professor

Seth Sokoloff spent nearly ten years in Uganda, East Africa with his wife Diana as missionaries before returning to the Pacific Northwest to join the Mannahouse staff. Seth is the Director of Global Ministries at Mannahouse and teaches missions classes at PBC. He is passionate about equipping the church to reach the world.

Board of Directors

Howard Rachinski


Howard Rachinkski is the founder and former CEO of Christian Copyright Licensing International. He is an elder of Mannahouse and an alumnus of PBC.

Marc Estes


Pastor Marc Estes is the Senior Pastor of Mannahouse Church and President pro-tempore of Portland Bible College. He is also an author and conference speaker.

Ken Malmin


Ken Malmin is the longstanding Dean of Portland Bible College. He is an alumnus and a professor at the college. He is also an elder at Mannahouse Church.

Carlos Marin

Board Member

Carlos is an elder at Mannahouse and former Vice President of Advancement at PBC. He has an M.B.A. from George Fox University and extensive experience in education management and coaching.

Jimmy Oentoro

Board Member

Dr. Jimmy Oentoro is the founder and Chairman of International Full Gospel Fellowship Global. He is an alumnus of Portland Bible College.

Jonathan Wilkins

Board Member

Pastor Jonathan Wilkins is the Lead Pastor of City Life Church in San Francisco, California and a Vice Chairman of Ministers Fellowship International. He is an alumnus of Portland Bible College.