Want a deeper understanding of the Word of God, but don’t need the college credit?

Portland Bible College has been a strategic partner for pastors and churches for over 50 years. Our goal is to make sure that a bible college education is never out of reach. We don’t believe these courses should be reserved for seminary students. PBCAccess.com is a resource to help create disciples and train leaders for His church worldwide. Our courses have helped thousands of pastors, church staff, marketplace leaders, and committed believers achieve greater success in their churches, ministries, and personal lives and we believe they will help you grow as well. 

  • Audit College Courses
  • Local Church Focus
  • Theology You Can Trust
  • Lecture Based Courses
  • Work at Your Own Pace
  • Affordable Monthly Subscription


Access the same lectures as degree-seeking students at PBC without the need for application or acceptance. Lectures are typically 30-40 minutes long. Independent Study provides downloadable student notes with course outlines and teacher’s charts. However, it does not include assignments, tests, discussions, or interaction with the teacher.


Available for a fraction of the online credit costs! Prices vary based on the number of lectures in a course.

$60-$130 Per Course (see pbcaccess.com for specific course prices)

$24-$29/Month Per Bundle (Foundations Bundle, Bible Study Bundle, Navigating Culture Bundle, etc)


Groups that need curriculum – Courses are available for internships and group use, which include assignments, tests, and discussions. Please visit the Group License or Affiliate page for more information and to order the group version of the curriculum.

Customized Bundle – Church leaders can customize a group of courses for their church leaders and teams. This provides individualized access to hand-picked courses at reduced costs. It also provides a customized church landing page branded specifically for the church. Please visit the Custom Bundle page for more information.

**This curriculum is offered as a not for credit option. Students are not enrolled in any PBC academic program. While you are accessing college level curriculum you are participating in an audit version that can not be converted to credit in the future.

Visit pbcaccess.com to get more information

FAQ For Independent Study Courses (No Credit)

How does an independent study course compare to a course for credit?

  • Independent Study allows you to learn without the structure and requirements of an online for-credit course. You can start anytime and work through the courses at your own pace.
  • The lectures and student notes provided for independent study students are exactly the same as provided for credit courses. However the independent study students do not gain access to an online classroom that would allow engagement with the teacher or other students on topics or turn in homework for feedback from teachers.
  • If you are ready to enroll for independent study, go to www.pbcaccess.com.

What is the difference between purchasing individual course and subscribing to a course bundle?

Independent Study courses can be purchased individually or subscribed in bundles:

  • Purchase Individual Course: Each course is sold for a different price based on the number of lectures available. The price range for individual courses is anywhere between $60-130 for a six month access.
  • Subscribe to Course Bundles: A more affordable option to audit PBC courses is available through subscribing to our course bundles that range anywhere between $24-29 per month. Access to the courses is unlimited as long as subscribing.
  • Visit www.pbcaccess.com to explore different courses and bundles available.

When are courses offered?

If you are auditing a course, you can start anytime and work at your own pace! Simply visit www.pbcaccess.com and purchase the course or subscribe the bundle you want to get immediate access to it. There is no need to contact PBC, unless you have issues.

If I change my mind, can I get credit for my audit course?

In order to get college credit, students need to enter a system of accountability and feedback for progress made and work completed. The audit system does not allow for that, therefore students desiring to get college credit, must apply and get accepted to PBC and take course within the PBC Online Classroom.

Can I download the course content?

All PBC courses offer comprehensive course materials, which includes the notes, scriptures and even charts and images that every student can download and keep when the course is done.  However, students are not able to download the actual course lectures to their devices. Not permitting the downloading of instructor’s lectures protects the school from copyright infringement.