Class content is delivered to students through video, imparted by our Portland Bible College professors and Mannahouse Youth Pastors. PRIME is designed as a four year series of lectures on Worldviews, Biblical Doctrine and Discipleship. No content will be duplicated over the four years. Each year has 18 lectures that are around 40mins each.  Students can receive credit for each year they participate.

Note: You will need an internet connection, a screen and a projector or device to play the video clasess

PRIME 01 (released 2019)

What Are Worldviews Sarah Nashif-TanBible: Inspiration Lanny HubbardIdentity: God vs. Everyone Else Annalise Hutley
Absolute Truth Dylan JonesGod: Revelation Ken MalminCharacter: Weakness to Strength Ken Malmin
The Bible on Sexuality Ken MalminMan: Being Ken MalminTime Management Trent Meistrell
Race and the Church Eunice MakindeJesus: Incarnation Ken MalminDevotions: Word Dylan Jones
Engaging Culture with the Gospel Dylan JonesAtonement: Necessity Ken MalminRelationships: Friendship Glenda Malmin
Q&A Session Dylan JonesHoly Spirit: Person Ken MalminDecision Making Brian Holmes

PRIME 02 (released 2020)

Why Worldviews Matter Sarah Nashif-TanBible: History/Translation Lanny HubbardCharacter: Honesty Mackenzie Holmes
Principles vs. Feelings Chris HubbardGod: Existence Ken MalminDevotions: Worship Kim-Maree Janzen
Sexuality: LGBTQ David & Leann ReeceMan: Purpose Ken MalminRelationships: Romantic Dylan & Keirsten Jones
World Religions Chris HubbardChrist: Two Natures Ken MalminOvercoming Hardship Trent Meistrell
Freedom from Addiction Glenda MalminAtonement: Historical Ken MalminIdentity: Body Image Keirsten Jones
Refugees and Immigration Sarah Nashif-TanWhy Church Matters Travis ArnoldSharing Your Faith Marc Estes

PRIME 03 (released 2022)

WorldviewsBible: Authority/UseCharacter: Life Purpose
Basis of MoralityGod: NatureCharacter: Responsibility
Sexuality: GenderSin: DefinedDevotions: Prayer
Creation/EvolutionJesus: How/Virgin BirthRelationships: Parents/Family
Faith in a Culture of DoubtAtonement: ApplicationDiscipline: Generosity
Government/ActivismEternity: Heaven/HellHow to Gain Influence

PRIME 04 (coming 2022)

Worldview: Belief SourcesGod: PersonCharacter: Right/Wrong Thinking
Mental HealthSin: EffectsDiscipline: Moral Purity
Sexuality: Open RelationsJesus: ExampleRelationships: Alignment
Poverty/WealthAtonement: BenefitsDevotions: Groups/Community
Appetite/ConsumerismHoly Spirit: SupernaturalFreedom from the Past
Engage CultureChurch: MissionsPresent Media Consumption

PRIME Internship

establishing faith for the future