PRIME Student Internship is an experience that includes devotions, classroom teaching, outreach and serving opportunities as well as times of fun and connecting. The curriculum is designed to rotate over FOUR courses. PRIME includes all the tools and resources needed for running a successful internship experience. 


  • Video Classes: There are 18 video classes (approx 45 minutes long) in each course, imparted by Portland Bible College professors and Mannahouse Youth pastors. Preview Lectures from PRIME01
  • Student Notes: A notebook with the outline of the class content is provided for you to download and provide to your students.
  • Schedules: Prime was designed as a 6-week summer internship, but groups can facilitate content over any length of time they choose. Preview Sample Schedules


  • Promotional: You will be given marketing assets for the use of your church to aid in the promotion of the internship program among parents and youth, and to help recruit students for the program.
  • Parent Communications: Parental buy-in is crucial. Sample documents and template resources will be provided to you to keep your students’ parents involved and informed.
  • Design Templates: In addition, we provide design files for you to use on communication assets, including a T-Shirt design to print for your students.


  • Serving: Giving your students hands on experience in your church helps them feel connected. These resources will help you place students in ministry areas to serve in during the internship and to plan meaningful hands-on serving experiences that help them grow and be discipled.
  • Outreach Planning: We recommend an Outreach opportunity as a capstone to the PRIME summer internship. You are resourced with ways to plan a successful outreach in your community.


In order to grant one PBC credit for this internship to students, programs should submit the Credit Request Form prior to starting the internship. In order to qualify for the credit, students may only miss three lectures of PRIME (if more than one week is missed, students may still continue with the internship, but will forfeit credit).

Strenthening Faith for the Future

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