Portland Bible College offers and number of scholarships to help qualify students and give financial aid.

As part of our goal of helping students graduate debt-free, Portland Bible College offers a number of scholarships to qualifying students. These are funded by individuals and groups passionate about helping make Bible College accessible to everyone. If you want to get involved, read the descriptions below and then click on any link to donate. You can make a life-changing difference for a student through your gift!

PBC Scholarships

Destiny Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is designed to assist full-time students who are facing financial challenges and need help paying for educational expenses.

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Hope Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is designed to assist new on-campus students who are from a single-parent home and whose family lacks the ability to cover the cost of an education at PBC.

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Private Scholarships

Lynda K. Asplund Fund

The late Lynda Asplund and her husband, Dr. Larry Asplund, spent many years teaching and serving the students of PBC. This scholarship helps cover a portion of study cost for eligible on-campus female African-American students.

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Nathan Peterson Fund

Beloved alumnus Nathan Peterson had a deep love and commitment to our international student community. His family and friends have created this scholarship in his memory to support on-campus international students at PBC.

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Kaylor Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was created to honor long-term missionaries Leo & Phyllis Kaylor. New PBC students who are children of missionaries are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

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Marin-Calix Scholarship Fund

Long-time administrators of Portland Bible College, Carlos and Clarissa Marin have provided this scholarship for new, on campus Latin-American applicants.

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If you’d like to start your own scholarship fund in your name or the name of your organization, reach out to us! We are thrilled when people get excited about helping our neediest students. If you want to help us launch a brand-new scholarship fund for a particular group of students, such as youth from single-parent homes, members of a particular ethnic background, or some other group that you are passionate about, let us know! You can reach our Advancement office here or at 503-255-3540.