As part of our commitment to helping students graduate debt-free, Portland Bible College has a number of scholarship funds available for qualifying students. These funds are sponsored by individuals and groups who have a passion for students with life stories that resonate with them, from international students to members of ethnic minorities to missionary kids.

If you’d like to get involved in supporting one of these funds, click below. Most of our students pay their own way through college or rely on help from family and friends, so your gift will be a tremendous blessing to them.

If you’d like to start your own scholarship fund in your name or the name of your organization, reach out to us! We are thrilled when people get excited about helping our neediest students. If you want to help us launch a brand-new scholarship fund for a particular group of students, such as youth from single-parent homes, members of a particular ethnic background, or some other group that you are passionate about, let us know! You can reach our Advancement office here or at 503-255-3540.