PBC accepts transfer credits for relevant courses within its program boundaries. The course should directly relate to a specific class in our curriculum or align with the general subject matter of PBC programs. The following guidelines provide further details:

  1. Transfer credits will be granted only when the Registrar’s Office receives an official transcript from the other school. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.
  2. Credits may be transferred from other institutions on a course-by-course basis.
  3. PBC will accept up to 50% of transfer credits toward a degree. (32/64 credits must be completed at PBC to receive a PBC Associate’s Degree and 64/128 credits must be completed at PBC to receive a PBC Bachelor’s Degree.)
  4. PBC will accept credit for courses in which a student attained a “C-” or better grade. Appeals will only be accepted from international students, whose grading systems differ from the United States.
  5. PBC operates on a semester hour system. Courses transferred in from schools that operate on a Quarter hour system will be transposed to semester hours using a 3/2 ratio.
  6. PBC will only accept courses that are above a 100 level (courses designated ENG 90, MAT 95, etc. will not be transfer in).
  7. PBC will not accept AP course credit (credit usually granted by high schools).
  8. When evaluating transcripts for the transferability of course credit, Portland Bible College will first consider courses from the student’s previous transcripts to fulfill PBC degree requirements. Once transcripts have been assessed for fulfilling degree requirements, remaining courses will be evaluated for fulfilling elective requirements in PBC degrees.
  9. When transferring in courses to fulfill a PBC degree requirement:
    1. If a PBC course is worth more credits than its transfer course then only the credits earned at the other institution will be granted. It would be the school’s prerogative as to whether the student would be required to receive more instruction in that subject area.
    2. If a PBC course is worth fewer credits than its corresponding course then only the amount of credits allowed by PBC for that subject area will be transferable.
  10. When transferring in courses to fulfill a PBC degree elective, the total number of credits transferred in will be limited by the PBC maximum elective policy (see chart under “Transferability of Elective Courses”).
  11. If Practicum/Apprenticeship credit is given by a school for ministry experience and indicated on a transcript, PBC will accept credit for that transfer (within the limits of the policies listed above).
  12. Courses transferred in will be indicated in Populi, student information system, in the student’s degree audit. Students will receive notice by email when that information is available for them to view in their student record.

For more information, download the Transfer Policy Packet

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