Peer Relationships

Being in a close-knit community like PBC is a great advantage to someone desiring to grow. Having so many friends who are headed in similar life directions and who possess the same values is an amazing advantage when trying to stretch oneself. Mutual encouragement and accountability are great resources and often relationships formed while in PBC become strategic later in life.

Spiritual Life

PBC is constructed to be a place where personal and spiritual growth is accelerated. It is intended for people who are serious about becoming Christ-like, self-disciplined and effective in their calling. Comfort and ease are not valued as highly as change and growth. It is assumed that a student entering PBC is deeply committed to personal and spiritual growth and will view all instruments of this process to be allies in this pursuit.  Equally as important as an individual walk with God is a person’s ability to flow together with other believers in the Body of Christ. PBC provides a variety of organized opportunities to foster spiritual experience. Friday chapel services are spiritually intense times of worship, prayer and ministry and often allow plenty of room for the moving of the Holy Spirit.  Most courses incorporate prayer and worship into the class times. There are a variety of additional student led prayer and worship times on campus.

PBC Chapel Services

Are Anything But Boring – Chapels at PBC are a unique and vibrant part of the spiritual culture and campus life. Each week ends with the entire student body gathering together at the Chapel for a time of passionate student-led worship, prayer and intercession, and challenging messages from faculty and guest speakers. The atmosphere is alive and full of expectancy. For many students, some of the most pivotal and defining moments have come in a Chapel services.

Weekly chapel services vary week to week. There are times students are receiving from guest speakers, praying for the nations, or having what we call an “Open Chapel”. Open Chapel is simply an extended time of seeking God in worship, with frequent prayer and prophetic ministry – passionately pursuing the presence and heart of God.

Since Chapel times are student-led, the opportunity for hands-on experience and practical training is part of every service. Student musicians and worship leaders grow in their ability to flow and lead worship in a Holy Spirit-driven atmosphere. Students can also grow in their ability to follow the leading of the Spirit in prayer and prophetic ministry, and also learn how to facilitate and emcee a service.

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Student Leadership

We hold a strong value for peer leadership. At the end of each semester, students are anonymously surveyed to nominate who they feel out of their peers could lead them. The faculty takes time to examine the survey results and prayerfully consider the suggested names. Along with leadership abilities, academic and financial prudence is also considered. We’re not looking for perfection, but rather students who have a willing heart to model moving in the right direction.

All-Night Prayer and Worship

One of our most popular activities is All Night Prayer. This is student-led and organized. Students gather at the Chapel and devote all night to seeking God, lifting up specific areas of prayer, praying for each other, and intently devoted worship.

Dorm Warms

Each semester the men and women each take a turn to organize and host “Dorm Warm”. This is the only evening when girls and guys are allowed to enter each other’s dorms. The hosting dorm chooses a theme and plans a night full of games and entertainment. Entirely student-run, this is when you can really see student’s creativity

Prayer Center

The PBC Prayer Center was designed to provide a place for students to experience God in the context of community in a deep and genuine atmosphere. The student body has access to the Prayer Center from 6am – 10pm daily. Located behind Dorm 3, the Prayer Center accommodates corporate prayer, small group prayer and individual prayer.

Fitness Center

All Portland Bible College students have access to the fitness center with their ID card.


The PBC Cafeteria is a hub of activity where students share a good home-style cooked meal and celebrate what God is doing in their lives. It’s not uncommon to hear birthday songs and the latest news and events that make for a vibrant student life. Breakfast includes an assortment of cereals, fruit, toast and pastry options. There is also a make your own waffle and omelet bar. Lunch includes a hot entree, salad bar, sandwich bar, vegetarian options, dessert and more.

Student Resource Center

The PBC Student Resource Center is a place where all students have the ability to study in groups or individually with access to a wide range of books, periodicals, magazines, and reference materials. We are a theological library so the focus of all of our material is pastoral leadership, theology, doctrine, counseling, hermeneutics, etc. Our goal is to give our students the tools and the resources they need to be empowered for wherever God leads them.

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