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Meet the PBC Arrows! Portland Bible College Basketball Program is part of the National Christian Collegiate Athletics Association (NCCAA). Our team competes with a variety of teams in the NCAA, NAIA, and NCCAA institutions.


Devin Johnson26’1″Fr. G
Jake Lofamia35’10”Soph.G
Joseph Smith45’7″Fr.G
Isaac Johnson56’2″Soph.G
Rashad Hickson116’0″Soph.G
Jimmie Proctor136’0″Soph.G
Mike Martin146’0″Soph.G
Ty Johnson156’3″Fr. G
Tristen Armas206’1″Fr.G
Dalton Finley236’4″Fr. G
Trevor Vermillion246’7″Soph.C
Trenton Bottler336’6″Fr.F
Samuel Reese446’3″Jr.F

2023-2024 Game Schedule

DateGameHome/AwayBoxscoreW / L
October 27, 2023Montana TechAway43 – 116L
October 28, 2023MSU NorthernAway31 – 96L
November 3, 2023Northwest University Home50 – 104L
November 5, 2023Simpson CollegeAway53 – 56L
November 15, 2023Lewis and Clark CollegeAway51 – 83L
November 17, 2023Pacific University Away58 – 100L
November 18, 2023George Fox UniversityAway44 – 116L
November 25, 2023Pacific UniversityHome32 – 102L
December 6, 2023George Fox UniversityAway54 – 114L
December 8, 2023Linfield UniversityAway32 – 95L
December 11, 2023Lewis & Clark CollegeAway60 – 98L
December 13, 2023Easter Washington UniversityAway34 – 103L
December 16, 2023University of Puget SoundAwayCancelledN/A
December 19, 2023Pacific Lutheran UniversityAway44 – 103L
December 30, 2023Willamette UniversityAway44 – 129L
January 5, 2024Alumni ClassicHome @5pm72 – 81L
January 5, 2024Alumni ClassicHome @7pm
January 6, 2024Alumni ClassicHome @4pm84 – 72W
January 6, 2024Alumni ClassicHome @7pm
January 15, 2024West Coast Baptist CollegeHome @7pm74 – 92L
January 16, 2024West Coast Baptist CollegeHome @7pm84 – 76W
January 27, 2024NW Indian CollegeHome @7:30pm54 – 83L
January 28, 2024NW Indian CollegeHome @3pm60 – 75L
February 4, 2024NW Indian CollegeAway81 – 78W
February 16, 2024SAGU American IndianAway37 – 92L
February 17, 2024West Coast Baptist CollegeAway39 – 102L
February 19, 2024 West coast BaptistAway
February 20, 2024West Coast Baptist CollegeAway
* You can click on each box score to see more details from certain games. Some games will contain little to no data.

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