The myriad of options presented by Portland Bible College can be designed to fit your internship. Any of our Church Partnership options listed can be customized to meet the needs of your church.

(For Credit)
(For Credit)
(Not for Credit)
Let PBC handle the classroom education of interns, allowing your church leaders to focus on pastoral and mentoring responsibilities.Save your pastors’ time and energy by utilizing PBC curriculum, allowing them to teach your congregation without the burden of course development.Trust PBC courses as reliable curriculum resources for student internships, without the need for credit administration.
Tip: Meet with your interns once a week to discuss what they are learning in the online classroom for more pastoring opportunities
Tip: Tracking attendance and giving grades allows you to qualify students to enroll at PBC without starting from scratchTip: Pick and choose which content to include and even add your own. Then decide on your own teachers and timelines.
Full credit offeredOption to transfer credit to PBC for degree completionNo college credit opportunities
15% discount on credit prices
($210 per credit)
$195 term fee
$40 per credit
$35 in fees
$90 -$120 per course
+ $10 per student
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For over 50 years, Portland Bible College has been partnering with churches to build discipleship pipelines to help build healthy and vibrant local churches around the world.