Living on campus in one of our dorms connects you to the vibrant life of PBC. It is a vital part of a rich, well-rounded experience. The close-knit, supportive dorms offer students a place to live and work that distinctly enhances their college experience by putting them at the center of everything: classes, the library, recreational facilities, ministry experiences, volunteer opportunities and more.

Dorm life links your daily life more intimately to the life of the campus. You’ll live in close proximity to friends, peers and colleagues who are all having similar experiences.  Together, you’ll create a campus community that is purposeful, energetic, and full of life. The majority of our students who have lived in the dorms say that it changed their lives by giving them opportunities to grow in relational skills, character and personal discipline, and giving them life-long friendships.

Living on campus at PBC generates an opportunity for depth in which the students themselves often refer to as the “green-house effect.” Becoming immersed in rich soil surrounded by others with similar hearts and minds can cause rapid growth for those who give themselves to the process. Campus housing is provided not just for student convenience, but primarily as an instrument to assist student development. Living in community provides unique opportunity for accelerated growth in character as well as social and leadership skills. A student’s dorm experience brings one of the most long term impacting aspects of PBC. Life-long friendships are developed through the tools of critical thinking, problem solving and conflict resolution as Biblical relationship principles are put into practice.

Women’s Dorms

Dorm 1502
Dorm 4503

Men’s Dorms

Dorm 2642
Dorm 3642

Room Information

Room sizes and configurations vary as to the location of the room, the dorm and the dorm construction. All dimensions are approximate.


  • 8’6” width
  • 14’6” length


  • Carpeted
  • Painted Brick Walls
  • Blinds


  • 2’ Depth
  • 2’8’ width
  • Hanging Bar, open face
  • One shelf on top 10.5”


  • 2’ Depth
  • 2’8’ width, Formica top


  • 10″ depth
  • 2’7″ length
  • 15″ to first shelf (3 shelves per desk)


  • 6 drawers
  • Wooden construction


  • Dorms 1, 2, 3: Radiator
  • Dorm 4: Electric
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