Portland Bible College is excited to offer college credit to students that complete Prime in their local church!


One credit is available for each year that students complete PRIME. Credit seeking students must be at least incoming high school freshmen to be eligible. Groups must request credit on behalf of their students.

Credit Cost:

Credit for the first five students of each program is already included in curriculum cost. There is a credit fee of $50 per additional for-credit student. The group will submit credit request on behalf of students. But don’t worry; payment does not need to be made up front and the whole group does not need to be committed to doing the internship for credit.

The Process:

  1. Leaders will track attendance for each lecture (attendance template resource provided in LearnUpon)
  2. Leaders will evaluate students with a Complete/Incomplete grade
  3. Leader will upload student names, email and grades using this online form (can mass upload with CSV file template)
  4. Students can request PBC transcript by submitting the Request Transcript Form
    (available a couple months after completion of internship)