Is it possible to get college credit from PRIME?

Yes. When you sign up for PRIME, credit is already included for your first five students. It is optional to take advantage of this, but it is also a great incentive for parents to buy in. Each section of PRIME is worth 1 semester credit. Students can get up to 4 credits if they attend PRIME every high school year.

What are the extra requirements for college credit?

You will need to do some admin work to report progress and track attendance, but it’s very simple and automated, and all online. Portland Bible College then keeps the transcript on file to prove the student received credit for the program.

What is the curriculum delivery method?

Our ‘internship in a box’ is delivered online for the facilitator to download and distribute to their students.

What materials does the program include?

Everything that you need to run the program. High quality video lectures, downloadable student notes workbook, marketing material templates, promo video to aid in announcements, ministry experience guiding documents, etc.

What is the level of the content in the lectures?

It is college level content, packaged in a way that is appropriate for the attention span of a high school student. The content is not exhaustive, but it is designed to spark a new curiosity regarding topics that go beyond what they are usually exposed to in Sunday school and Youth group.

Do the students have access to the professors in the video lectures?

The students do not, but the facilitator who is running the program can access deeper knowledge on the topics that their students are taught in PRIME through our online and curriculum license programs. Students can also transfer their PRIME credits into Portland Bible College after high school and be taught directly by some of those professors.

Are there age limitations on who can enroll in PRIME?

Students will need to have completed 8th grade as a minimum. High school graduates can still be enrolled if the High school students, College students and young adults have all reported that the content and topics are extremely relevant to their current context.  We think the ideal age is 16-24 year olds, but many adults, especially parents of young adults, find the topics very helpful. Students should have completed 8th grade as a minimum.

Are the videos recorded from an actual live program?

Yes. Mannahouse Youth is one year ahead of what we are able to produce and package for pastors and churches to purchase and implement.

Do students need to do ministry experience and outreach in order to get college credit?

Although we encourage the practical aspects of the program as part of a full internship experience, in order to receive college credit, the academic portion is enough as long as their attendance is tracked and reported.

Is the scheduling of the program customizable?

Yes. We will provide to you what we did and how we did it, but you are able to rearrange the components however they fit best for your youth group.

How does the church staff participate in the ministry experience part of the internship?

Everyone needs a pipeline of people who are training to do the work of the ministry that usually the staff has to run. With the support of your lead pastor, as a program director, you will need to encourage your staff to see this as an opportunity to build pipeline and invest in their future team members.

Is PRIME available in Spanish?

Not yet. But most of the topics that are covered in PRIME are actually part of the courses in our Spanish Certificate of Theology along with much more content, and it is available online for Spanish-speaking pastors and churches.

If the lectures are taught on video by PBC teachers, how are youth teams involved throughout the program?

Besides facilitating the class times and encouraging discussions after each video lecture, youth pastors and leaders are there to foster community with the group throughout every activity and serving time

How long do I get access to the material?

Each section you sign up for will be available to access and use for four months.

How does each church group charge their students?

Our program materials include a sample expenses sheet that reflects the costs to run the internship with a group of 50 students. Each youth group can then adapt their budget to their needs and charge their students accordingly.

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