Portland Bible College Spanish Program

Over the past 50 years, PBC has had an indelible impact all over the globe. Recently, we have had the opportunity to connect leaders from Iglesia La Roca in Guayaquil Ecuador to begin our Certificate of Theology program 100% in Spanish. Our school administrator and professor, Carlos Marin, had the privilege of ministering to the leadership and congregation. He was able to witness the great work the students are accomplishing there.Recently, the church was able to begin a discipleship school where over 500 church members come to learn different discipleship tracks on Thursday evenings. New leadership is being raised and trained with PBC curriculum and a focus on reaching young people has been reignited. Our original cohort of 4 students was joined by an additional 6 this semester and more plan on registering in the Fall.

“Iglesia La Roca is a great example of church leadership teams taking full advantage of what PBC has to offer online. We are excited to partner with Pastors Samuel and Carmita Cabrera in the training of their leadership team.” -Carlos Marin

“For us, PBC has been instrumental in helping us rediscover our biblical roots as a church. For our leadership, having the opportunity to study such vital courses in a user-friendly and flexible way, has been invaluable to us” ¡Gracias PBC! -Pastor Sam & Carmita Cabrera