Graduate Profile: Donna Jameson

Photo by Federico X. Photography

Below, Donna shares her journey of coming to PBC, and how her life has changed since.

I became a student in the Spring semester of 1981. My father, who is now in heaven, was a professor at PBC when Ken and Glenda Malmin, Lanny Hubbard and Frank Damazio were students so that is how I first came in contact with PBC. Years later I was with my parents attending a conference at Bible Temple (at the time) and was drawn in by the worship. I had never experienced anything quite like it before. After the service I met with one of my Dad’s former students, Barbara Scott, who was a professor at PBC at the time. I signed up that day to be a student. I attended PBC for 2.5 years before receiving my associates.

I originally started in the music program and then switched to theology. I met Robert who was a year ahead of me and we got married. He had one year to finish his Bachelor’s so I worked full time so he could finish. We settled into married life and started having kids and it never seemed like a good time to finish. Of course, there was no PBC online program yet. I worked at PBC 2 separate times and always had a desire to someday finish my degree. I started taking classes here and there for credit but then in theFall of 2018 really dove in with the intent to finish my degree online.

I attend Mannahouse and have been at this church for 40+ years. I have been involved in kid’s ministry, jr. high, youth ministry, choir, led women’s groups, couples groups, been a lay pastor and co-pastored the Downtown Campus of Mannahouse with my husband for 10 years. I am currently leading the Women’s Ministry with Lisa Trent for the Downtown Campus, leading a small group of 15 women, a couple’s group with my husband and working in Kid’s ministry. I also am passionate about mentoring and counseling women and have done that my whole life.

My husband, Robert has been my biggest support and encourager in this journey to earn my Bachelor of Theology degree. Beyond that, my 4 adult children have cheered me on along the way. 2 of my daughters, Karina Clarence and Kandice Serrano both received their BTh from PBC as well as met their husband there, who also received there BTh from PBC. I have to say that I have many friends who have pushed me to finish this life long goal!  I am very proud of my kids who are also my closest friends, oldest to youngest, Kaley Hambelton (married to Connor) Karina Clarence (married to James) Garrett Jameson and Kandice Serrano (married to Fed). I have thoroughly enjoyed learning through the online program. While getting my BTh was the end goal what I gained along the way was so much more valuable – a deeper hunger to know God and His word. You are never too old to learn and study the Bible.