2023 Seniors: Where Are They Going?

The class of 2023 will be greatly remembered! We are so proud of their accomplishments and are excited about everything God has in store for them. Want to see where they will continue their journey? Check it out!

Akwila – He will return to Indonesia and be involved with education. The plan is to start by being a teacher, with the end goal of being a “school planter” in the future. You have our blessing Akwila and we look forward to seeing what God does through you.

Heewon Kim – Heewon received a position as a Youth Pastor near PBC in the Beaverton area.

I got the privilege to be an associate pastor for an English ministry at a Korean church in Beaverton, OR named Portland Central Church. I will bring what I have learned at PBC and apply it to life and ministry. I will continue to study God’s word and be open to where he leads me next.”

Heewon Kim

Enelsi Castro – He will continue to live in the US and work in his current role here at PBC as he helps to build out the Spanish Online courses with our online team. Enelsi is heavily involved with on-campus students and facilitates “First Love” a student-run prayer and worship event every Friday evening here on campus.

“My desire is to continue serving and working at PBC and MannaHouse for the next season of my life. I see myself being involved in the local church empowering individuals with the tools that I have gained in my time at PBC. I have developed a desire to teach scriptures and I look forward to pursuing more education in this area.”

Enelsi Castro

Jaser Cervantes – Will continue to work in a dual role at Life Center in Centralia WA. Jaser functions as both Youth and Worship pastor at his church. He and his wife also own a coffee business they are looking to start and grow this year.

Elizabeth McCallen – She is excited to spend some quality time with my family for a little while! Elizabeth will also be working at Camp Tadmor over the summer! Thank you for all your pouring out into others and allowing yourself to be open to what God is doing in. We pray that he continues to do so and as you put your hands to work he blesses them.

Ben Allworth – He will continue to serve in his local church, Activate Church in Vancouver, WA. His heart and desire are to teach the accurate word of God to men and to build those up that have been beaten down. We are rooting for you Ben. Your story shows us how good God is.

My time at PBC has inspired me to seek a life dedicated to ministering and teaching the accurate Word of God to men. Conforming to the world broke me, the Word of God put me back together again. My journey has led me to develop a passion for reaching the hearts of men who have been beaten down and broken into sinful ideological conformity and I stand ready to answer the call of God and serve in any capacity that I’m asked to serve in.

Ben Allworth

Mixtli Cruz Pizano – He will continue to serve as a youth pastor with his newfound skills in building his home church in Hillsboro Oregon, East River Fellowship. Let God breathe on His church Mixtli, that it would be spirit-led and lives would be transformed by His works.

Linda Hannigan – One of our amazing online students who lives in Tacoma WA. Linda, you are inspiring. Praying for continual open doors and kingdom impact as you grow your business and love for the things He is doing in you.

“I will be staying where I’m planted; in Tacoma WA. Growing my business practice of life, leadership, and spiritual formation with 9 Lumens and ministry with Illuminate – gathering women to be encouraged, equipped, and engaged with the Word.”

Linda H.

Micah Brown – His first year as a graduate will include moving onto a farm and applying for seminary programs while his wife finishes her psychology degree. God-willing, seminary training, and ordination will soon follow. Praying for open doors and God’s spirit to lead you. Let Him grow your tenacity for his word, his will and presenting it to those who need it as well.

Danny Gallinger – Will be moving back home to Eugene, Oregon where he will begin working in carpentry and other trades. He will also be in search of a church to get involved with. His passion is young adult ministry and helping evangelize the University of Oregon campus. Seeing you grow these last four years has been amazing. Take it and make an impact.

Erika Wilkins – After PBC, Erika is moving back home. She’s excited to join her home church, City Life Church SF, as the full-time director at their Leadership College. Erika also carries a heart for worship and has been a great asset at PBC. Can’t wait to see what God does through you.

PBC has transformed every aspect of my life. I now have a new grace for myself as well as deeper compassion for people. I have a clear vision of the cross and resurrection. I know the voice of the Holy Spirit. I have a passionate love for the Church. I’m confident to walk boldly as a woman in ministry…equipped, discipled, and ready to be shot out!

Erika Wilkins

Rhuan Carneiro – After PBC, Rhuan will start his new role as a Youth Pastor in Hermiston, OR. Through a connection at PBC he was offered an amazing opportunity. Rhuan is looking forward to serving and putting into practice everything he learned these four years! Praying God uses you and reveals everything he has for you. Go make an impact!

Christian Bosje – God placed Christian and his wife within the Mannahouse family. They are super excited to see how God uses them here together. They plan on sticking around as long as possible and serving Mannahouse Rocky Butte. We love what you to bring to the team here. You are a breath of fresh air Christian.

Dalton de Almeida Filho – I’m going to take a year off before deciding on taking my studies further Meanwhile I just and to serve God at Mannahouse Tigard in the Worship Team and as a Small Group Leader.

Blanca Espinoza – After graduation, she will continue serving at Iglesia  (fun fact she has been a part of the church her whole life and loves the people there. This was the reason she came to PBC in the first place, to learn how to lead and serve people better) She will continue to work at the job as an assistant manager for Wisdom Books, a Christian Bookstore here in Kennewick, WA. Blanca will also be celebrating soon as she is getting married to PBC Alumni Jade Hermida. Congrats!

Cris Defendi – Continues to serve Mannahouse Church at our downtown campus while continuing her work as the Mannahosue Music School director, a ministry of PBC. Cris plans to stay here for another year while she prays and preps for her potential return to Japan.

Levi Smith – After graduating, Levi wants to take the knowledge and heart that PBC has gifted him with and pour it into the lives of children and families within his church.

Studying while already working for a local church was the greatest privilege as I have the opportunity to practically apply what I was learning to the work in front of me. It has given me a newfound love for taking what we were learning in the classroom and instilling that passion for understanding Jesus’ love and his Word into the next generation.

Levi Smith

Tiernan Stanley – Will serve at his church in Vancouver, WA near the Portland metro area while working and doing ministry. You are not far from us Tiernan, hopefully, we continue to still see you and watch as God uses you to do amazing things and touch lives.

Alejandra Vilela – She is seeking out OPT work permit in order to continue teaching at Mannahouse Christian Academy. She also has an open door to move back to her home country of Peru where she could teach in a local high school and continue to lead and serve her local church community. Currently, Alejandra teaches Spanish at MCA and serves our Spanish team here in Portland. She is looking to stay for an opportunity to also extend her education and obtain her master’s degree. We hope you stay a little longer Alej!