Private Grants & Scholarships

Private grants, loans, and scholarships that do not require federal participation are generally accepted by PBC. It is up to each individual student to determine his/her qualification and application for the scholarship.

The student needs to inform the Finance Office or Registrar if there are any requirements on the school’s part in order to obtain the funds.

PBC is not a participating school in the Federal Financial Aid system and therefore, under the current tax code, is generally not eligible for most federal aid including FAFSA grants and loans, or tuition-related tax deductions. We also do not provide 1098T forms.

Veterans Tuition Benefits

Most of our Live programs are approved for Veteran Affairs (VA) educational benefits. Our Online programs are not eligible for VA benefits. If you are an eligible veteran or dependent, contact the Registrar before registration so that your enrollment can be certified by the VA. Click here to find out more.

MFI Scholarships

Over the past 52 years of ministry, PBC has trained a great number of Ministers Fellowship International leaders; and it is with this strong relationship in mind that we are happy to partner with and provide exclusive benefits to MFI members.

For more information regarding this exclusive scholarship, please log in to the MFI Member Resources page.

Destiny Scholarship

The Destiny Scholarship is made available to current and returning students who have a proven track record of financial and academic responsibility and who are facing financial hardship prohibiting them from continuing their studies at PBC. This is a modest and temporary scholarship based on need.

You can fill out the application here.

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