Ministry Practicum Evaluation

Complete this form to submit your evaluation & final grade for a single Ministry Practicum student (not online) you advised this semester. (One separate form per student, please). Your feedback will be made available to the student for reference. You will receive a confirmation email to the address provided in the form, verifying it was received. The evaluation and grade should be based on the expectations set in the "Goals & Learning Contract" agreed upon & signed by you and the student in the opening weeks of the semester. (A copy of this is available upon request if you need to review & don't have your own record, please email Thank-you!
  • (Campus, GU, All Things New, etc.)
  • Student Information

  • Student Evaluation

    Based on your observation of the practicum student please grade him/her in each category using the options provided. Choose N/A (not available) if you don’t have enough knowledge of them to comment. Space for comments that help clarify your evaluation are provided at the end of this list.
  • Feedback

  • Please feel free to share any positive or negative areas related to the overall experience and on areas in which the student needs to focus.
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