Your favorite professors teaching the Bible on-location!

You are invited to join us as we journey and explore the land of the Bible. Join professors Ken & Glenda Malmin, Lanny Hubbard and Travis Arnold as they unfold great Bible lessons at different sites. Experience many of the places where Jesus walked and ministered throughout His life on Earth and visit with us Jerusalem, The Sea of Galilee, The Mount of Olives, The Dead Sea, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Jericho, The Jordan River and so many more.

The PBC Israel tour was a one of a kind journey and we are confident that this experience will deepen your walk with Jesus and transform the way you read Scripture and worship. Included in the course package are 12 Videos
and 9 Audio files.

Note for Tour Participants:

In order to access and download all the content for FREE, use the coupon code ‘Shabbat2019’ at check-out. Please do not share this code outside the tour group as we plan to offer this content for a price to those that did not participate on the trip. You will be asked to create a login for our audit learning platform to give you access to all the videos and audios . You will have ONE month to download and note all the content you want to keep.

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Make a donation to support this work! There were many costs involved to produce these resources – videographer, editing files, hosting the content. Many that joined the tour in Israel raised their hand to say that would contribute to make this happen.

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