In-person classes are in full swing!

Due to the relative small size of our college population, the ample size of our campus, the maturity level of our student body and the commitment of our administration and staff, we are well positioned to fulfill our commitment to offer in person instruction this fall while prioritizing the health and safety of our school community. We also have the advantage of being located in Oregon which has had one of the lowest infection rates in the nation. Although we moved all our instruction to virtual delivery at the beginning of the pandemic, we did not close our campus and have successfully been able to test and implement safety protocols.

With our campus remaining open and our dorms housing almost 100 students this summer, we have been fortunate to not have a single case of COVID. Our research of medically advised measures has guided our evolving plan to prioritize safety while still providing the highest quality classroom impartation that we are known for.

Following are some of the measures we are planning to implement this coming school year:

  • Industry standard cleaning procedures
  • Health screenings
  • Physical distancing
  • Daily temperature checks
  • Face masks in common areas
  • Classes moved to larger spaces for student distancing
  • Appropriate food service protocols
  • Personal hygiene protocols
  • Special consideration for those with higher health risks

In addition, we will have contingencies in place in the event of exposure or infection which may include:

  • COVID testing
  • Contact tracing
  • Self-isolation protocols and assistance
  • Academic and personal support through isolation and/or illness

Our historically evident “student first” philosophy and practices have set the stage for us to confidently move into this next unprecedented season with a cautious optimism and thoughtful practical preparation. Even given these unusual times we are anticipating an unusually effective year.

Please refer to this page for updates and additional information as we navigate through this “new-normal”.

Due to the fast changing nature of the pandemic, we are adjusting and updating our policies and procedures as necessary. Visit this page for more detailed information for our Portland Campus.

Download our COVID-19 Testing Guidelines for Students