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Music Juries

[vc_column width=”3/4″]Along with private lesson requirements, students will complete skill requirements parallel to degree completion.  These music juries are specific graded benchmarks assessed by a panel of at least three (3) adjudicators, and require a 70% score in each category to receive a passing grade.

  • Currently required for:  Piano & vocal students.
  • Offered when:  in the final week or two of every semester.
  • How do I sign-up? Signups are posted the week prior to juries for you to reserve your time slot with the panel.
  • Is there a fee involved?  Participation in music juries is currently $25 US, and can be charged to your student account at the time of taking your jury.
  • What if I need to cancel?  You can change or remove your reserved time slot anytime prior to the sign-up deadline (generally the Friday prior to the juries date).  Jury fees are non-refundable as a result of canceling or missing your scheduled time after the deadline has passed (with execption of extreme illness or family emergencies of course).
  • How do I prepare?  Your private lesson instructor will help ready you for upcoming juries.
  • How do I obtain the jury requirements for my instrument and level?  Contact the PBC School of Worship office at any time, or speak to your private instructor.

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