Summer Information

 Summer Storage: 

Classroom #5 will serve as our summer storage room. There is a $40 summer storage fee.  It will be available by Friday, May 13th for those who need to begin moving. Please make sure your belongings are well marked with your name, neatly sealed and compact. ABSOLUTELY NO PERISHABLE FOOD!! REFRIGERATORS must be DEFROSTED, CLEAN and DRY– before you put it in storage.

 Mailbox Keys: 

If you are a returning student, please keep your mailbox key for next semester. You must however, check it in and out of the Student Rersource Center so we can make sure you still have it. Your account will be credited for your key deposit and then next semester your account will be billed again for the key deposit.

If you are not planning to return, please return your mail key immediately to the Student Resource Center. Any students who do not return their key will not receive their key deposit.

 Summer Residency Policies: 

This year summer residents will live in Dorms 1 and 4 while Dorms 2 and 3 are deep cleaned. These are rotated every summer.

  • Rent is $100 per month
  • Cafeteria is closed
  • Curfew is 1:00 am.  Quiet time is still in effect from 10:30 PM, to honor our neighbors
  • Dorm Duties will be assigned and inspections will take place (no alerts, fines only.)
  • If you have guests for any period of time during the summer, “Guest Stay” Forms are still required

Other than a curfew change, Handbook Policies are still in full effect for those who live on campus.  Nobody of the opposite gender should be in the dorms and alcohol consumption is completely prohibited. When you live here you still need to represent the school with your lifestyle. If you have any other specific policy questions please see Rich or Angela Miller.