PBC Brasil Onward and Upward!

Deans Ken and Glenda Malmin travel to Brazil to conduct a live class with online students from 15 different cities. Students unable to travel were able to stream the live lessons.

This summer, Portland Bible College wrapped up its first online semester in Portuguese. With over 80 students from 15 different churches in Brazil participating, PBC Online was a huge success.

PBC offered Life of Christ by Glenda Malmin and Old Testament Survey by Lanny Hubbard. The PBC Online Team could not do it without the vision and dedication of it’s Portuguese speaking partners in Brazil. The entire online classroom and course materials were translated into Portuguese by Leandro Martins, Lucas DeSousa, and Leticia DeSousa Henriques, with the help of many others in Brazil who spent hundreds of hours processing applications, answering questions, and registering students.

Deans Ken and Glenda Malmin traveled all the way to Brazil this summer in order to meet with all of the PBC Students. And, they were so impressed by all the pastors and leaders that dedicated so much time and energy to their PBC coursework. The PBC Team in Portland feels a real connection to all of our students in Brazil. The second term is well under way and has already grown to 110 students taking Basic Doctrine and New Testament Survey. PBC is so excited about the future of the PBC Brasil Program and love all of our Brazilian Students!

Testimonials (translated to English):
“The fact that I could take these courses at home, in Portuguese, and to have such excellent material, and all the support necessary for the activities, was amazing!! This course helped me to see the Scriptures in a way that I had never seen before, understand the culture, habits, history, and the “whys” in some situations, that I didn’t understand before. Besides that, it helped me in my ministry. My sermons started to make more sense, to have more content and I’m able to simplify the Word of God to be expressed to others.”

“I’d like to thank PBC Brazil’s team, because a dream that I’ve had for more than 20 years came true!!! When I got saved in 1994, I wanted to take a Theology course and enter the ministry, but I was already attending another College. My wife (at that time my girlfriend) went to PBC. Now I’m in Ministry, I’m married, have children, I work full time and I have the opportunity to take this course, a dream that was written in my “book of dreams” 20 years ago!”

“I think this course is wonderful, a very rich content, excellent lectures (the explanation and slides). The discussions were also a great way to interact with other students and to reinforce the content and personal application. There were remarkable moments, I got emotional many times. The presence of God was intense. I just want to thank you for the opportunity to know more about God and His will. The course is captivating.”

“Congratulations to the entire PBC team for the effort, dedication and the quality of your work. Above all that, I thank you guys for the opportunity to have access to such a rich material. God bless the work of you all.”

Special note to our Portuguese readers: Se você está interessado no nosso programa em Português, visite nosso site: www.portlandbiblecollege.com/Brasil