Congratulations Karyn Wells

Karyn Wells graduated with her Bth in 2018. She graciously shares her journey in this article.

Young and in love with our hearts set on ministry, Jeff and I married the summer between our junior and senior year at PBC in 1987. I worked full-time that fall so he could finish his senior year and graduate.

Then we promptly moved to Alberta, Canada to be youth pastors, so there was no possibility of finishing school for me. But that was okay…we were living the dream! We were in full-time ministry, raising our four kids, and very fulfilled in our call. Fast forward 30 years (yes, 30!). We are now lead pastors and our kids are grown, all having attended PBC themselves and busy in various aspects of ministry in churches in the U.S. and Canada. It seemed like the perfect season in my life to finish my degree! I chose the online program as the means to do it because of the flexibility to take courses while keeping our busy church schedule. Completing my degree has given me the great satisfaction of “finishing my course“ (literally!). I’m so thankful for the online program that gave me the opportunity to do that.