Where Are They Going?

The class of 2019 will be greatly missed! We are so proud of their accomplishments and are excited for everything God has for them. Want to see where some of them are going and what they will be doing?

Lindsey Rightmire is getting married and will be heavily involved in worship at the 217 campus of Mannahouse.

Danielle Allen is staying in Portland and TA-ing in our music classes.

David Evans and Crystal Ramirez are getting married.

Mayumi Fukuta is moving back to Japan.

Jacob Hanson is moving back to Maple Valley and getting married.

Alyssa Kienbaum is starting her own business in Idaho.

Michael Lianto is moving back to Indonesia.

Ryan Linton and his wife are having a baby.

Matthew Martin is working full time at a pest control company.

Jaasyel Monroy and Carlis Salomon are  getting married and are part of the admin staff of Mannahouse.

Thais Oliveira is on staff at Living Hope church in Hillsboro, OR.

Cameryn Phillips is moving to get involved in the new Eugene campus of Mannahouse.

Cole Pyne is moving to Bend to become a fire fighter and is getting married.

Ricardo Rangel is moving back to Tri Cities to help at his parents’ church, will be working at a car dealership and is getting married in the fall.

Josh Ross will pursue an MBA with George Fox University and will continue to be involved in our Rocky Butte campus.

Kameron Truett will be serving at Rose Church in Portland.

Lauren Van Ouwerkerk is moving back home to Ventura.

Kenneth Nsamba is on staff at Life Church Uganda and will be teaching and training other leaders.