Continuing the Conversation: Race & Theology Webinar

Join Prof. Lanny Hubbard, PBC Advisory Board Member Eunice Makinde, and Pastor Asim Trent as they have a discussion about Race and Theology.

In response to recent events, Mannahouse has launched a webpage devoted to continuing the conversation on race, diversity, and reconciliation. This page hosts a series of webinars, in addition to a vast library of resources including podcasts, videos, teachings, books, movies and more.

As part of the webinar series, Lanny Hubbard, Professor of Theology, sat down with PBC Advisory Board Member, Eunice Makinde, and Mannahouse pastor, Asim Trent, and had a conversation about race and theology.

You can view the webinar by clicking the link below:

Race & Theology Webinar

For additional resources, go to the Mannahouse website.