Hear from PBC Alumni at MFI Conference 2021

For the first time since 2019, church leaders gathered from near and far to join together for MFI Global Conference 2021, hosted at Mannahouse Church in Portland. The theme “Forward Together” was celebrated, and served as the battle cry calling for the Church, and for MFI leaders, to move into the future united, and better than ever.

As it is often described, MFI felt like a family reunion, but was even sweeter considering the season, cultural climate, and time passed since the last global conference. For many, it was the encouragement they needed to continue in the areas God has placed them.

For PBC, these conferences are always special, gathering many of our alumni together, both recent and far removed. Outside of the relational benefits, MFI Conference was packed with teaching, sharing, and encouragement. If you missed it, you can still join in by listening to the MFI Leader below:

“Leading the Way Forward” Dr. Frank Damazio

“I Got a Notion” Patrick Kiteley

“Fixed” Keirsten Jones

“Take a Fresh Grip” Andrew Damazio

God is Still the God of Visions & Dreams” Bob MacGregor

“Teach Them How to Dig” Brian Holmes

Resetting Culture” Trent Cargill