Alumni Highlight: Daniel & Katy Eliason

Both Katy and Daniel graduated from PBC in 2012. Daniel with a Bachelor in Theology and Katy with a Bachelor in Music. Daniel & Katy married that August after their graduation. Daniel was hired on at Mannahouse as a Youth Coordinator and worked as an on-campus Public Safety Officer while Katy worked for a political non-profit. Shortly after, they moved to Daniel’s hometown in Surrey, BC.

Daniel and Katy became the New Generation Ministries Lead at Horizon Church. Daniel coordinates and coaches the staff team under their lead pastors Craig and Shanda. Daniel also teaches in the Youth Ministry program at Pacific Life Bible College in Surrey, which is the local Bible college connected to Horizon Church.  Katy navigates being a mom, works in the accounting department, and helps lead the worship department at Horizon Chuch under Pastor Shanda. They currently have two kids, Wyatt and Zoe, and enjoy spending their time getting coffee, taking the kids to a park, or going on a hike. In Daniel’s spare time he enjoys fly fishing and hunting and tries to convince Katy to go on his mountain adventures alongside him. This is what Daniel says about his time at PBC and what it’s done for him and Katy:

“PBC was everything for us. For me specifically it helped realize how broken and fractured my character was and it helped provide me with the tools to go to Jesus and allow him to truly begin to renovate my heart, mind and soul. It was at PBC thanks to professors like Lanny, Travis, Ken and Glenda the Lord was able to birth in me a passion for His word and his Church. PBC is where I became obsessed with learning to study the Word of God. It was so much  more than a Bible college and earning a biblical degree. It’s local church based, it goes after character first, it genuinely just hits different. You are catching a culture of God while learning to connect with him and interpret His word, the foundation to strong leadership. Every decision both Katy and I have ever made has been from the formation of what we learned at PBC. Our marriage, parenting, love and service to people in the local church is what it has become because of the finger print PBC left on us.”

Daniel Eliason

Daniel & Katy, we are so proud of you and your contribution to the Kingdom. Grateful that both of you came to PBC in order to be refined, made new, and molded as Arrows to be released into the world. Keep up the good work that God has set before you.

Horizon Church, Surrey, BC, Canada