Sanctity of Life

Roe v Wade Overturns Response

We want to take a moment to respond to the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the sanctity of life.

Because of this decision’s significance in society and impending challenges and discussions, PBC and Mannahouse Eldership teams developed two primary documents. Our prayer is they help shape your biblical position on this issue as well as equip you and your leaders to posture themselves in a Christ-like manner to care for those both in your church and your communities. Please feel free to forward these two resources to anyone within your family, church, or other ministry relationships.

Biblical Position Document

Please note that this document will be expanded further in the days to come to include other Sanctity of Life issues. Due to the urgency of this season, we felt compelled to release this document focused primarily on the issue of abortion. 

Pastoral Response Paper

This “Pastoral Response” document was designed to help equip leaders to lovingly share the truth and coach others on how to care for all those within their sphere of influence.

The Apostle Paul defines one of our primary responsibilities as leaders in Ephesians 4:12. He admonishes us to ‘equip the saints for the work of ministry.’ If there ever was a time to equip our churches on how to handle these tumultuous times, it would be now. We want to continue to develop resources that help you lead with confidence and clarity and encourage you to check out the resources uploaded at the link below.

We are grateful the Word of God gives us all the wisdom and direction needed for times like these. We are confident that God will continue to position us as light in a dark world. May God continue to bless you as you build His church!