Alumni Highlight: Federico Serrano: Bth 2018

Federico is no stranger to PBC. In fact, if you follow us on social media or wear PBC merch, you’ve seen his influence. As the owner of Juicebox Creative, he collaborates regularly with us to produce videos and designs that help tell our story.

Originally from Virginia, Fed arrived at PBC in the Fall of 2014 with a sense of failure weighing him down. Prior to PBC, he had spent the first two years after high school at a university in Virginia, striving to secure admission into the school’s design program. Poor grades landed him on academic probation, where he faced rejection from the program and was on the verge of being expelled. His decision to move to Portland was initially driven by a desire to escape his past failures, but it ultimately provided him with a fresh start.

I was convinced for a long time all I needed to succeed in life was inside of me. PBC showed me that success is actually found with the people around me. There’s so many places to serve and give your time at PBC it makes it obvious that our time spent serving and giving are meant to be done with friends, classmates and teachers. I’m blessed by the community I found at PBC even today. 

Fed Serrano

Fed completed his Bachelor’s in Theology in 2018 and soon after dedicated his efforts to pursuing his greatest passions as a freelance photographer and designer. In 2019, he took a bold step, acquiring a creative agency and transforming it into Juicebox Creative Agency, which he currently runs full-time. The agency serves non-profits and businesses worldwide, boasting multiple local and international contracts.

Fed says his time at PBC played a crucial role in shaping his leadership skills. “Often, we underestimate the leadership opportunities and lessons we encounter while serving in school and local churches. Organizing mission-driven teams with clear objectives and fostering effective communication are key aspects that have truly set me apart as an entrepreneur today. These are skills I had the privilege of honing during my time at PBC.”

Over the past few years, Fed and his team have had the privilege of serving several non-profits dedicated to providing free children’s ministry resources in more than 60 countries worldwide. Another noteworthy project involved partnering with a non-profit that helps relieve millions of dollars in medical debt across the United States. Additionally, Fed has collaborated on projects with renowned Fortune 500 companies like Nike, contributing to the creation and launch of influential digital campaigns and strategies. PBC has collaborated with Fed and his team on various initiatives in recent years ranging from merch designs and photo shoots to comprehensive video and social media campaigns. Portland Bible College is grateful for Fed’s valuable contributions and his unwavering commitment to answering God’s call.

Fed lives in Portland with his wife Kandice, also an alum of PBC. They cherish the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and enjoy engaging in activities such as trying new restaurants and playing pickleball with their friends.

Message to Current Students:

“Feed your sheep! It’s easy to get caught up in trying to predict the future and mapping out the perfect life plan – especially when choosing where or how to pursue a college education. I’ve seen God’s provision and heard his voice more clearly every time I choose to instead follow the example of David and Peter. David kept care of his sheep even after the calling to be king. He served his brothers by killing Goliath and still went back to tending the sheep. Peter learns the same lesson in the book of John when Jesus asks him three times if he loves him. The third time Peter says he does, Jesus says back to him: “Feed my sheep.” I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I’ve made a commitment today, to tend and feed whatever God has already placed in front of me. – Federico Serrano