A Letter from Our President

Dr. Simon Mould
President | ED, D.

We are in the midst of some great advances here at PBC! Our on-campus student population is the highest we have had in many years, our student retention is great, and the spiritual atmosphere on campus is rich with cleansing, healing, and restoration. We are so proud of our students as they rise to the challenge to overcome personal obstacles and embrace a unique season of breakthroughs and growth. 

As we approach the Christmas break, we have so many things we are expressing gratefulness for that we want to share with you. 

My wife Sarah and I are so grateful to Ken and Glenda and our staff, faculty, and the extended Mannahouse family who have opened their arms so graciously to welcome us back to PBC. Ken and I are enjoying working together to lead the team during this transition and I am so grateful to him and Glenda for sharing their wealth of wisdom and their desire to help us secure a great future for PBC.

A game-changing academic win at PBC has been the new partnership with Indiana Wesleyan University, the 3rd largest Christian university in the nation. Our partnership means that PBC students can obtain concurrent credit from PBC that can be applied towards an accredited degree from IWU’s scores of degree program options. This enables our students to be able to get a BA in theology from PBC and an accredited BA in a specific field from IWU. This will provide significant future career opportunities for our students. 

A significant development this fall semester has been the launch of our School of Kingdom Business and Entrepreneurship to help develop Christian innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs to engage their calling in the marketplace and apply biblical principles in business management. We have partnered with Patrice Tsague, who founded The Nehemiah Community, to advise and coach thousands of CEOs and business leaders around the world in biblical principles of business leadership. Our students are excited to see their calling to the marketplace validated as they are trained to develop their sense of business acumen. 

One of my first projects that we are embarking on is a significant campus and dorm renovation project. The dorms in particular need updating with fresh paint, carpet, new windows, doors, lighting, and furniture. We have started the planning process of meeting with architects and contractors and will develop a plan in the first quarter of 2024 to officially launch the fundraising campaign and project. We are excited to release the details next year and hope that we can count on your support as we seek funding from alumni, PBC friends, and grant organizations that can help us towards this effort. In closing, I invite you to join me in furthering these opportunities through our first-ever Archer’s Fund Challenge to engage over 1000 of our alumni and parents in giving $100 or more. There are more details in the newsletter.

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