Alumni Highlight: Matthew Martin | BTh 2019

Meet Matthew Martin, a Portland Bible College alum whose journey has been marked by a commitment to education, faith, and serving. Matthew started school elsewhere but transferred to Portland Bible College to play basketball, attend college with his sister, and explore his faith.

While at PBC, Matthew deepened his spiritual understanding and developed his leadership skills. He credits PBC for instilling in him the discipline and responsibility vital for his current role as the eCommerce Manager of the marketing department at Heirloom Roses, a direct-to-consumer company that ships rose bushes across the United States and Canada.

Outside of work, Matthew and his wife are actively involved in the Jr. High Ministry at Living Hope Fellowship. Reflecting on his journey, Matthew notes that he was initially uncertain how PBC would further his career goals. However, attending PBC not only built his character and faith but also paved the way for him to pursue a Master of Business Administration at George Fox University. That experience helped him to refine his business acumen and blend it with the spiritual and character formation he’d received at PBC.

Matthew’s journey is a testimony to the transformative power of education and faith working together. He believes that PBC, with its evolving programs and partnerships with accredited universities, offers a unique opportunity for individuals to deepen their understanding of Scripture while also preparing for influential roles in the business world.

Faith and career are not mutually exclusive but rather complementary aspects of a purpose-driven life.

Matthew Martin

Matthew is one of many students who have come through PBC and have utilized our partnerships with other colleges. If you want a Bible college education that also opens doors to a marketplace career, or you know that God has called you to ministry outside the walls of the church, check out our programs below:

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