Download our COVID-19 Guidelines for Students

Student Guidelines for COVID-19

In-person classes are continuing!

As promised, PBC was able to provide in-person instruction at our Portland campus during the pandemic throughout 2020 and 2021. Our student body, faculty and staff did an amazing job at managing the balance of faith and wisdom and we can now say that we successfully delivered on our commitment to our student body. We will be continuing in person for our 2022-2023 school year!

We did it! And we did it right. Our protocols have worked, and our campus is thriving.

Our commitment to transformational in-person impartation and training will go on as it has for 54 years.

Due to the relative small size of our college population, the ample size of our campus, the maturity level of our student body and the commitment of our administration and staff, we continue to be well-positioned to fulfill our commitment to offer in-person instruction this Fall while prioritizing the health and safety of our school community. Although we moved all our instruction to virtual delivery at the beginning of the pandemic, we did not close our campus and have successfully been able to test and implement safety protocols.

Our research of medically advised measures has guided our evolving plan to prioritize safety while still providing the highest quality classroom impartation that we are known for.

With the current spike in Oregon’s COVID-19 cases we are asking students to carefully monitor their own health and follow CDC guidelines to limit the spread of illness. We will respect each person’s choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate, but we ask those who are vaccinated to upload a photo of their vaccination card to their Populi profile. As a Bible college community, we are choosing not to allow COVID-19 to divide us. This is just another opportunity for us to practice the kind of love and care that Jesus taught us.

Following are some of the measures we have implemented and will continue to follow:

  • Industry standard cleaning procedures
  • Appropriate food service protocols
  • Personal hygiene protocols
  • Special consideration for those with higher health risks

In addition, we will have contingencies in place in the event of infection which may include:

  • COVID testing
  • Self-isolation protocols and assistance according to CDC guidelines.
  • Academic and personal support through isolation and/or illness

Optional Proof of Vaccination

We are asking vaccinated students to inform the college that you’ve been vaccinated. You can upload proof of vaccination in your Info tab in Populi. Check out the instructional video clip below: