PBC Intercultural Studies Emphasis

PBC is offering an Intercultural Studies program as a means to equip the student in a holistic manner for work and ministry in a variety of cross-cultural environments in order to effectively and appropriately extend the kingdom of God.

Of schools that are similar in size and nature PBC Intercultural Studies Emphasis program is in the top 80% of schools offering the number of course credits toward this emphasis.  PBC offers a balanced mix of theological and practical classes related to Intercultural Studies throughout the four years.  This program has been designed by missionaries and is taught by missionaries.

There is a great need to prepare students both theologically and pragmatically, as the student will encounter a host of opportunities and difficulties from every aspect of life.  This program has been carefully designed to furnish the student the necessary tools for living, thriving and ministering in a cross-cultural environment.

PBC is shaping today’s student for tomorrow’s mission.

The students graduating from this program:

  • Should have developed a heart for missions, because it is understood that this is the heart of the heavenly Father.
  • Should be able to understand and implement at a practical level the principles necessary for successful cross-cultural ministry.
  • Should be able to creatively execute new ideas and thoughts for overcoming cultural barriers that would hinder the ability of the national in receiving the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Should be able to successfully live in any cross-cultural environment in an incarnational manner.
  • Should have a broad understanding of missions past, present and future, and how these facets of missions (trends and strategies) are interrelated and have impacted one another.
  • Should be able to motivate churches to greater mission involvement.
  • Should be able to demonstrate an understanding concerning the biblical pattern of the nature, form, and purpose of the church and how to apply it to another culture through evangelism and discipling.


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