Honoring Carlos Marin

After 15 years at PBC, Carlos Marin is transitioning out of full-time employment at Portland Bible College. This past week we had the opportunity to celebrate Carlos Marin and all he has contributed to Portland Bible College. Carlos began working in Human Resources at Mannahouse Church in January 2006 before moving over to join the faculty and staff at Portland Bible College in 2007. He has brought much leadership and growth to our team in his role as College Administrator for nearly 13 years.

In 2020 he accepted the position of Vice President of Advancement where he helped to secure a technology grant for the amount of 110k from the Murdock Foundation to provide a much needed tech upgrade to our campus. During his time at PBC, Carlos also filled the role of Professor and Mentor to many students in the courses he taught, which included Personal Finance, Holy Spirit and the Church Administration course. He also translated over 60 lectures to make the Basic Doctrine course available in the PBC Spanish Online Program.

Many people spoke words of encouragement and gratitude over Carlos at his farewell lunch:

“Carlos comes alongside people, embraces them, and makes them feel like family.”

AZ Suarez, Finance Administrator at Mannahouse Church

Carlos is a gift to PBC and Mannahouse, and we are glad that Carlos will continue to be an important part of PBC’s future!

Sarah Nashif-Tan, Vice President of Innovation at Portland Bible College

We are cheering Carlos on as he has recently stepped into a new position of Executive Coach at the company Building Champions, which provides leadership coaching and development to individuals and companies to help them be healthy and high performing. However, Carlos is still going to be an important part of PBC! While he is transitioning out of the day to day operations at Portland Bible College, he will continue to serve as a member of the PBC Board. He will also continue in his ministry roles as a Mannahouse Elder and Spanish Campus pastor at the Rocky Butte location.

The PBC Executive Team will soon announce who will be stepping into the role of Vice President of Advancement at Portland Bible College and are forever grateful for the significant contributions that Carlos made to our institution.