2022 Seniors: Where are they going?

From from left-to-right: Jalaya Taylor, Jade Hermida, Kirstin Burke, Caleb Keel, Amanda Schreiter, Matthew Elizando, Natalie Carroll, Brigid Blinn, Drake Zilembo, Stephanie Escalante, Enelsi Castro, Mayumi Nishida, Torrie-Lynn Wilson, Noah Reynolds, Kai Slusser, and Yoko Chock.

The class of 2022 will be greatly missed! We are so proud of their accomplishments and are excited about everything God has in store for them. Want to see where they will continue their journey? Check it out!

Caleb Keel
“Caleb will remain in the Portland area to continue his work on staff, joining the team in June as the full-time Recruitment Coordinator, and the Social Media Strategist. He will continue to serve at Mannahouse, Downtown Campus.”

Natalie Carroll
“Natalie will be moving back to her home in Ontario, Canada, and will be pursuing her Masters’s Degree in Divinity at Regent University. We’re happy to say that she will continue to work remotely for PBC in a variety of roles, in addition to working at and serving her home church.”

Brigid Blinn
“Bridgid completed PBC mostly in person, but after marrying Luke Blinn (BTh, ‘21) she finished her degree online. Both Bridgid and Luke have served Mannahouse Tigard Campus faithfully in a variety of capacities, through youth and worship ministry, and more recently through her work at Mannahouse Christian Academy. Together they are praying about where God is leading them for the future.”

Jade Hermida
“Jade will be planning out his next journey in preparation to head down to San Diego to be part of the Almacen Church plant. He will join Carlos & Amanda Campa and be serving the vision of that church.”

Amanda Schreiter
“Amanda will be applying her leadership and pastoral heart working at Shepherds Door here in Portland, OR, a ministry of Portland Rescue Mission supporting women in recovery. She will continue to serve at Mannahouse, Downtown Campus.” 

Jalaya Taylor
“Jalaya will be extending her visa to continue to work here in Portland. She will be working at a crisis pregnancy center, helping to care for pregnant women. We are excited to say she will continue to attend Mannahouse, Rocky Butte Campus, serving with pastoral ministries.” 

Matthew Elizando
“Matthew is staying in the Portland area and will be teaching in a Christian school in the fall. He will continue to serve in the youth ministry at Mannahouse, Vancouver Campus.”

Drake Zilembo
“Drake is planning to return back to his home in southern Oregon, where he will be joining his family in a new business venture. He hopes to begin a career in real estate, applying what he learned at PBC. As he does this he will continue to serve in his local church.”

Emma Geisser
“After starting in person, Emma finished her final two years of her bachelor’s online. She will continue working for her family’s construction business and the kid’s ministry at Living Hope Fellowship, where she and her husband attend and serve.”

Tabitha Evans
“Tabitha started her degree in person, but transferred to the online program after her second year, and finished her bachelor’s there. In the fall, she is planning on continuing her studies through Regent University, entering the Masters in Human Services for Marriage and Family Counseling degree program. She and her husband serve in the worship ministry at Mannahouse, Tigard Campus.”

Kai Slusser 
“This summer Kai is preparing for his wedding, marrying fellow PBC grad, Christiana Segraves. They will be moving to Vancouver, WA, and working locally. Kai received his Bachelor of Church Music, together he and Christiana will be applying what they learned at PBC to serve in the worship ministry at Mannahouse, Rocky Butte Campus.”

Kirstin Burke 
“Throughout her time at PBC, Kirstin has been a leader at the school and Mannahouse in a variety of roles, most recently as the campus coordinator for Downtown Campus of Mannahouse. Since graduating she has moved on to another role as an executive assistant and is entering into a season of rest. She is planning on beginning her Masters in Counseling, looking forward to helping people find health and wholeness.”

Mayumi Nishida 
“This summer, Mayumi will be moving back to Japan, where she hopes to sharpen her Japanese language skills. She will be attending and serving at BridgeCity Church in Saitama, Japan, planted and pastored by PBC Alumni Yas and Ai Hontani.”

Yoko Chock
“Since graduating, Yoko accepted a job as a teaching assistant at King’s Way Learning Center in Vancouver, WA. Yoko and her husband, Stanley ) also live in Vancouver, while attending and serving at Activate Church, in Camas, WA. Together, they are dreaming and praying about where God will send them in the future.”

Stephanie Escalante 
“This summer, Stephanie will spend time resting and traveling. In the fall, she will begin working full-time in the Portland metro area and has plans to begin a master’s program over the next year, focusing on counseling or social work. She will continue to serve at Mannahouse, downtown campus, on the AVL team.”

Mayara Sousa
“Mayara began studying online with PBC, after receiving her associate’s degree in Fine Arts. Since graduating, she is taking a break from schooling but plans to continue her education in the near future. She has already been implementing what she learned at PBC by applying it to her life through homeschooling her children.”

Ben Soloronzo
“Ben completed his Bachelors of Theology through our online program, which gives us a glimpse of just how committed he is to his studies. In addition to being a student, Ben and his wife Angie serve as associate pastors at Ekklesia USA in Reston, VA, and together they share three children. In addition to that, Ben is a business intelligence consultant and teaches classes at their church. He will be pursuing his Masters in Christian Apologetics at Liberty University in the Fall.”