Book Highlight: Sharpening Little Arrows

About the Authors:

About the Mission

Joy Sukadi is the mission and teaching pastor at International Full Gospel Fellowship in Seattle. Discipling and equipping the young generation has been her passion and calling for the past 20 years. She is currently taking a Theology degree at Portland Bible College to equip herself with biblically sound theology. Joy’s co-author is Lilyana Margaretha. She has a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Together they have the vision to combine science and Bible to equip kids with solid, logical, biblical truth.

Together they created Bible Comes to Life, an apologetic book series made for parents and children (aged 6-12) to foster meaningful conversations at home. This discipleship series consists of 4 books – Creation, the Fall, Redemption, and Sanctification – which provide foundational cornerstones to shape our children’s biblical worldview so they can recognize and resist cultural lies.

In each book, Joy and Lilyana compare non-biblical and biblical worldviews. They explain the biblical worldview in logical, relevant, and engaging ways by incorporating hands-on activities such as science experiments, arts and crafts, and creative visuals. Each chapter concludes with a discussion section where parents can interact with their children about what they are learning.

About the Book

Book 1: Creation: This first installment covers the book of Genesis, explaining creation, intelligent design, and the divine order in creation. For parents who are concerned about the influence of atheism, evolution, gender fluidity, extreme feminism, and pro-abortion philosophy on their kids, this book is a valuable tool to help kids understand a biblical perspective on these topics.

Future Plans: Expanding the Bible Comes to Life Series

Book 2: The Fall (coming in December 2022). In the second book in the series, Joy and Lilyana explain the Fall and the origin of sin. This book covers topics such as temptation, sin, the consequences of sin, and our need for redemption. It answers the basic question: If God is good, then why do bad things keep happening around me?

Book 3: The Redemption. The third book in the series focuses on Jesus, defending his existence and divinity through historical and archeological evidence. This book counters the false philosophy that we are our own saviors who can survive on our own (humanism and self-helpism).

Book 4: The Sanctification. This book tackles how to live as Christians in a world that that rejects God. It covers topics such as peer pressure, the science of addictions, purity, and God’s design for marriage and family. This book refutes non-biblical views such as postmodernism, moral relativism, and progressive Christianity.

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