Alumni Highlight: Jeff Jaquith

Jeff Jaquith is an Oregon native but grew up in Mexico as a missionary kid. He returned to the US in 1995 to attend Portland Bible College, where he complete his Bachelor of Theology. After graduating, he married Coiya, whom he had met at PBC. She finished her own bachelor’s degree the following year.

Jeff went on to get his M.A. in Intercultural Studies from Western Seminary. In 2006 they and their young children moved to Laos as Mannahouse missionaries.

They spent the next 16 years ministering in Laos. For the last ten years, Jeff was the National Director of an organization in Laos dedicated to sharing the gospel, training ministry leaders, providing vocational skills for young adults, and working with children and young women who had been abused or trafficked.

In 2022 they returned to Portland. Jeff is now serving as Vice President of Institutional Advancement on the PBC lead team. He is passionate about developing leaders and programs with a worldwide outreach. Two of his children attend PBC and his youngest attends high school at Mannahouse Christian Academy.

Jeff loves hiking, backpacking, nature photography, and drinking too much coffee.

“PBC was transformational for Coiya and me in more ways than I can count. The teaching was life-changing: it not only helped us understand and articulate our faith but it challenged us to be changed by what we studied. And the emphasis on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in worship, prayer, and community helped us develop a relationship with God that sustained us as we ministered for 16 years in a third-world, Communist country. God used our experience at PBC to set a foundation for life and ministry that has benefited us – and our family, and the people in Laos whom we served – every single day since.”

Jeff Jaquith