What are the admissions requirements for PBC?

To be admitted to Portland Bible College a student must be able to evidence a salvation experience with the accompanying Christian life and high Christian standards. This is made known as witnessed by individual Parental, Personal and Pastoral references who are asked to fill out forms accompanying the application process. Online students only taking a few continuing education credits are not required to submit references. At the point that an online student is either attending courses full-time or is determined to be seeking a degree at PBC, a Pastoral reference will be required.

Academically, the applicant must be a high school graduate or have successfully completed the High School Equivalency Exam (G.E.D.).

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Is PBC accredited?

No, due to religious convictions, PBC is not accredited by a federally recognized accrediting association. However, we have a religious exempt status within the states of Oregon and Washington which enables us to confer two-year Associates and four-year Bachelor degrees without being accredited by any religious and/or educational accreditation institution. Any degree a student receives from PBC must be recognized as valid for employment, unless the potential employee specifically states that applicants have a specialized degree to apply.

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Are my PBC credits transferrable to any college?

Possibly. PBC credits generally transfer to a number of colleges around the nation. However, each course is usually transferred in on a course-by-course basis depending on the program desired. This would be true for all institutions whether accredited or not. Students desiring to transfer their PBC credits to other institutions are responsible for determining the requirements of the institution and program to which they plan to transfer.

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What are the tuition costs?

Thanks to the continued support and commitment of Mannahouse, formerly City Bible Church, to PBC, the school is able to keep tuition and fees very low and competitive.

For a Full-time On–campus student, costs per semester is between $4,800- $5,200 (average semester costs for music students tend to be higher). A full year ranges from $9,600- $10,400.

Full-time off-campus, part-time off-campus and online student prices vary, but credits are priced at $195-225 per credit.

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How does the payment plan work?

Thanks to the continued support and commitment of Mannahouse, formerly City Bible Church, to PBC, the school is able to keep tuition and fees very low and competitive.

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Does PBC have scholarships available for me to apply for?

PBC generally accepts scholarship funds from outside sources but does not currently offer additional aid or scholarships to new incoming students.

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What kind of programs/ courses does PBC offer?

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When can I register for classes?

Once an applying student has completed the application process and been officially accepted to PBC, he/she will receive notification from the registrar when registration for classes opens and instructions on where and how to register.

What are the PBC guidelines?

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Can I be a full-time student and live off-campus?

A full-time live student that is not married can only live off -campus if he/she is living with immediate family in the Portland area or if the student is age 30 or older. However, students from other churches in the Portland area are not required to live on campus so as not to interfere with their involvement in their home church. A request for exception to this policy can only be presented to the Dean. We do not offer on-campus living for part-time students. There is no available housing for married students, but admissions advisors are happy to help locate affordable housing in the area if necessary.

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