English Proficiency Form

PBC Online Student English Proficiency Exam

As an alternative to taking an English Composition course at a college or university (online or live), you may apply for the Portland Bible College English Composition Credit by Exam. Do this only if you are confident about your English and writing skills as you will be graded on the assignments. There is no guarantee that, having chosen to take the exam, you will pass it. If you choose to take this exam, please submit the English Credit by Exam Form below.

Before submitting this form, please note the following policies:

  • You will have only one opportunity to take the exam, whether you pass or fail it.
  • The cost will be $100.00 to take the exam; there is no refund if you fail the exam.
  • From the time you are given the exam, you will have 6 weeks to complete it.
  • If you are trying to graduate this term, we recommend that you complete the course online – as a failure to pass the exam will delay your graduation date.

English Proficiency Form

Recommended English Courses

Straighter Line English Composition I

(online course)

  • Choose the course with ‘professor office hours and discussion forums’
  • Cost: $119.00 + Textbook cost
  • Credits: 3

Global University Introductory Writing Course

(printed materials)

  • Choose the ‘Eng.1023: Introductory Writing’ course
  • Cost: $135.00 per credit and $105 in fees + Textbook cost
  • Credits: 3
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