Over the past 53 years of ministry, PBC is honored to have trained a significant number of Ministers Fellowship International leaders. It is with this strong relationship in mind that we are happy to provide exclusive benefits to MFI members.

MFI Member Benefits

To access your MFI benefits, simply choose from the options below.
*All applications must be filled out by the MFI member.

20% for Lead Pastor and 10% for other Support Leaders

We are excited to be able to offer all active MFI leaders the opportunity to further pursue their degree with these discounts exclusively for our online courses.

After filling out the form, PBC will then process your discount which will be reflected on your student account after the add/drop deadline (two weeks after the start of the semester).

Prospective Students

If your student has not yet applied to PBC, but you would like us to contact them, please fill out this form:

$1,000 first-year scholarship for full-time Portland Campus students

1. The referral comes from the Senior Pastor to PBC.
2. The Senior Pastor is a current MFI member.
3. The Student must be enrolled in full-time credits and plans to live on-campus.

Application Process
The student applicant should first go through the application process and be accepted to PBC before the Senior/Lead Pastor submits this form. The Senior Pastor will be notified when the student has been awarded the scholarship so that they have the opportunity of informing the student if they so choose.

PBC will then process the discount which will be reflected on the student account after the add/drop deadline (two weeks after the start of the semester).

This is a one-time scholarship for students attending our Portland Campus. The funds are disbursed in two semesters ($500 in the Fall and $500 in the Spring) and they are divided into 5 equal monthly installments of $100. If the student finds it necessary to withdraw at any time, the balance of the scholarship is forfeited.

(Mannahouse applicants are excluded from this scholarship at this time and this scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with other PBC/Mannahouse scholarships, grants, or discounts.)

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

30% off all online independent study courses

Access all of our independent study courses at www.pbccurriculum.com with a 30% discount using the code “MFIPastor30“.

Prospective Students

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