Ministry Apprenticeship (Junior/Senior)

Requires 60 hours of ministry involvement in an intensive, mentored ministry experience, involving defined goals and responsibilities in a specific ministry area of the local church.

It is our expectation that a student would begin their practicum experience at a serving/exposure level, progressing through to a more strategic ministry skill development, and ideally finishing with an apprenticeship style experience.

Engage your heart and mind into the situations, tasks, and people involved.  Not only will this ensure you’ll be fulfilled by your ministry experience, but you will also have the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference in the community, lives, and ministry you participated in.

Success in practicum can also help give you job skills and experience that could ultimately lead to future opportunities within our Placement Services Network or wherever God may lead you on our journey!

Keep checking back for more on Placement Services and Opportunities coming in Fall 2019!

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