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In considering whether your son or daughter should obtain a strong Christian foundation as part of their educational experience, research shows that starting at a school like Portland Bible College would highly impact their decision to keep their faith. Here’s an insightful artilce from Christianity Today, based on a published study that sheds light on this highly important aspect of your child’s education

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Student Career

Let PBC help you achieve your goals!

A number of students choose to pursue further training after PBC. Several formal transfer agreements have been established with regionally accredited colleges and universities, both public and private. These include:

  • Portland State University
  • Warner Pacific College
  • Concordia University
  • Northwest Christian College
  • Pittsburgh State (Kansas)

Many other colleges and universities, even without formal articulations, accept our credits as well. These would include the University of California at Berkeley, Arizona State, Boise State, Seattle Pacific, Baylor and Northwest. Each institution accepts PBC credits at their discretion.

There are a growing number of graduate schools who have honored our degrees by accepting our four-year graduates into their graduate level programs such as: George Fox University, Western Seminary, Fuller University, Regent University, Liberty University, Azusa Pacific, Multnomah University, etc. They, of course, would evaluate each applicant on a case-by case basis.

PBC’s core competency is to train leaders for the church, by the church, in the church. So wherever God sends you, you will be trained to shape and influence your world.

On a practical level, this can mean that you may choose to continue to pursue post-graduate level education. We are ready to partner with you to explore the best course of action for your calling and will work with the school of your choice to prepare you to be a strong candidate. We have successfully done this with a number of students who have done a great job at PBC, taken additional classes directed to their post-graduate course of study at other community colleges and thus strengthening their application for graduate schools. These students continue to complete their graduate studies in as little as one year making them very attractive candidates for any field in ministry and the workplace.

Bluntly put, you will be hard-pressed to find a school that can provide a life-changing college degree at the cost of PBC. This makes obtaining a degree, not just a dream, but a reality with little or no debt attached! Further, it will free you to continue investing in your education at higher levels.