Entering the PBC Music Program

New students applying for and entering the PBC Music program will send in song demos and take part in specific evaluations to assist in beneficial course placement.  

Application Song Demos: As part of the application process for entering the Church Music program, two video demo submissions are required.  The production quality needed is low, however will showcase a fast tempo and slower tempo song demonstrating the prospective student’s proficiency of their instrument or vocal relating to the degree track they may be seeking.  More information and specific details for these demos are provided in the online application process.

Entrance Exams: A minimum of two entrance exams are given on New Student Orientation days to all incoming music students for determining music skill and proficiency, and to assist in finalizing class registrations & emphasis choice. Please take note of the event information listed below.

  • Music Theory Exam:  This exam determines music theory knowledge upon entering the Church Music program and assists with appropriate placement in the music theory course levels.  A student with sufficient theory knowledge and application may test out of Mu 121 Intro to Music and Mu 122 Music Fundamentals with instructor approval.
  • Keyboard Exam: This preliminary keyboard test covers foundational piano skills and determines if Mu 111 Keyboard 1 (group class), or a private piano lesson is taken the first semester to fulfill the required piano credit for all students.
  • Vocal Proficiency Exam: Students looking to enter the Worship Leader track will have a short vocal consultation with one of the voice instructors.  This is also recommended for students wishing to add a private voice lessons to their course schedule, either as a required or elective credit.
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